Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pseudobot: Documentation Updated and Bot Updated to use new Discord.Net API.

So, got some patrons, so the bot command documentation has been spruced up a bit. I invite everyone to poke around with it and look for bugs, or point out places where the help is still found wanting. Thanks everyone for the support, and I hope to continue making Pseudobot bigger and better.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pseudobot: Updating Libs and Documentation!

I've hit the first Patreon goal! Thanks for the support everyone. I'll be updating the built-in documentation for all the functions in Pseudobot to be completely up to date. And as an extra handicap, the libs (in non-programmer speak, the tools that make it easier to write the discord bot functionality) have been updated in a way that breaks a lot of functionality, but admittedly, is much better than before. In closing, I leave a screenshot of a working, but very ugly pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha version of the GURPS Mass Combat Calculator. Don't tell me the screen can be arranged better or that some buttons are too big, or that there is too much white space here or there; I know, and I am not working on the UI right now. I'm just trying to get all the rules working well enough first, then I can make it look nice.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Monthly Patreon Status Update: All Progress is Progress

Pseudobot is now on 39 Discord servers, almost the big 40. I am beginning to test out code for GURPS City Stats and for Mass Combat. The City Stats code will eventually be incorporated into the Mass Combat code to help with managing budgets, but for now, I'm simply using it to calculate and write up city stat blocks really quickly.
Right now, the Patreon has 0 patreons, and is earning $0/month.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pseudobot: Throwing and Slam Calculator

Added both slam and throwing calculators to Pseudobot. That's nice, because I hate remembering how to calculate them on the fly.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Patreon: Current Project Statuses

Pseudobot now runs on over 30 GURPS themed Discord
This month, I got some donations from one contributor (Nemoricus) and that's that. Besides that nothing.
In terms of other projects going on:

  • Better Pseudobot Documentation - Not Funded
  • Better Pseudobot Index Documentation - Not Funded
  • Mass Combat Calculator - Almost Complete with a fully functional pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha.
  • GMing - Running a casual campaign on the side to keep my gears oiled.
  • Setting Development: Working on mechanics for a low tech dragon/dinosaur stalking game. Got a lot of it together, but a lot of rough edges to iron out.
  • Fnord Command - Not Funded
  • Porting Pseudobot to Other Eco-systems - Not Funded

If you'd like to make a suggestion for something else you'd like to see in the pipeline, you can become a patreon or send a buck to paypal for one suggestion listened to and earnestly evaluated, and if I like it, either implemented or triaged for a patreon goal.
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