Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Boardroom and Curia: Temple of Demeter

Public domain art!
Now that I got a template all written up for organizations, I'm gonna put it to use. Next, I'm going to stat up a monastery in a supernatural TL5+2 setting. The monastery will be called the Temple of Demeter until I either think of a more interesting name, or longer, because I intend to have the focus of the temple be the harvest. Let's see how that goes.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Boardroom and Curia: Enchantment Factory

They didn't have colors back then,
that's why this is drawn in black and
Working on more stats for a setting, so today, I'll stat out a generic factory for enchantment, with about 800 employees. Assuming this is a normal mana environment in a setting where magic is not unusual. Let's see what that might look like.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sorcery: (Inspired By) Squirtle

Look out, it's Reptar.
As something of a sister post to the charmander post, let's see if I can continue statting out more Sorcery spells inspired by Pokemon, this time, Squirtle.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Math: Encumbrance - Lifting ST or Dodge and Move?

So, I made a spreadsheet to calculate the costs of either

  1. Buying enough ST/Lifting ST to go down to the desired encumbrance level
  2. Buying enough Move/Dodge/Speed to ignore the penalties.
Altogether, the results are a little disappointingly boring, but there are a few interesting things to learn from the chart, let's take a look.

GURPS Character Sheet: Version 4.5.1 is Out!

The new version includes modified hit locations for exotic physiologies (no legs, sessile, etc) and a new feature for equipment to reduce weight. The second one is exciting to me because I hope this is a precursor to having an easy to use mechanic for Fine/Very Fine/Balanced etc. weapons with just a few clicks instead of manually doing it all by hand. It's also got a handful of bug fixes as well, so huzzah.

Update: All is good!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Limitations: Gadget

Actually not especially relevant.
I was talking about gadget limitations for no particularly good reason in the GURPS IRC channel (on irc.sorcery.net at #gurps) and I have players that use it, and it made me start thinking that maybe a primer on how it works might be a helpful reminder to me and my players. Let's dissect these gadget limitations then.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ritual Path Magic: Some Path of Mind spells

The other kinda monk.
Continuing on the theme of Ritual Path Magic and monks, my player also has Path of Mind. So, I decided to try to think of one thematically appropriate spell for each of the verbs. Let's see what we can do when we flex that gray matter. Bonus, also includes Incantation Magic versions of most. One spell is incompatible with incantation magic.

Ritual Path Magic: Some Path of Body Focused Rituals

Goku doing Aeroga or something.
I have a player that has something of a monk character that has ritual path magic, so just to get him started with a handful of ideas, here we go. As a special bonus, I am going to try to make example stats using both the classic RPM system and the new Incantation system.

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