Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dungeon Fantasy: Making Medicine Using The Basic Set.

I like item creation systems in games, as you can pretty much tell from the myriad articles on my blog for that purpose. One small element I glossed over is that there is a pricing system that seems to exist for converting advantages into single-use items already in the GURPS Basic Set. This is on page B425, in Campaigns. However, the point of the section is Ultra-Tech, and I do a lot of playing in TL3 and TL4. Playing with a bit of algebra, it seems like the fair conversion factor between that box and prices in dungeon fantasy is 12%. That is, calculate the price according to the medicine rules on page B425, and then multiply it by 0.12. You can then use the rules in Sages for calculating how difficult it would be to craft the medicine from the price.
Thanks to this guy here for pointing that out.

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