Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Technique: Fast Sneak

This is something really quick I just devised. I think I read somewhere that when attempting to be stealthy, one must travel at half speed. Using the rules in Basic Set Campaigns p. 346 for Time Spent, one can double the rate of the work they are doing for a -5 penalty. Using the design rules for techniques in Basic Set Characters on p. 231, we can call it a "Hard Difficulty" technique because the consequences of failure are usually dangerous. The default is Stealth -5, and because it is predicated on Stealth, the obvious prerequisite is Stealth, and its maximum level is prerequisite skill. All together, it is:


Default: Stealth-5
Prerequisites: Stealth; cannot exceed prerequisite skill

When attempting to be stealthy and travel at normal pace, roll against Fast-Sneak instead. Success allows stealthiness at full move. Failure has the normal consequences of a failed stealth roll.

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