Friday, January 8, 2016

Encounter: Moldorm

I am a Moldorm.
Moldorm has many of the same properties as Hard Hat Beetle... except he is a boss. He is incredibly bouncy, and he sits in a room full of floor hazards. Let's see about statting this guy out.

I'm looking for a boss, a real boss, for a weak group of adventurers, and so I have this guy. He is an early boss in the game, so I'm gonna shoot for a low amount of CER (for a boss)... maybe 100 to 150. He is completely armored except for his weakspot. I'm going to take a little inspiration from the vermiform hit location table in the campaign book. Assuming its head is about as hard to hit as its tail, I'm going to say its tail has a penalty to hit of -5. On a random location hit, it requires a 16-18 roll. The rest of the hit location table is the same.
The body is heavily armored everywhere but the tail. For the DR calculation, I'll call the important hit locations, the head, the tail, the torso, and the neck. The eyes, by the way, are similarly not armored, like the tail. Everything has 10 DR besides the tail and the eyes. It also has a lot of hit points and a regeneration speed of 1 HP per second to mimic the ability of its quick recovery if it bats an opponent away. So starting off, I have:

Attack Skill0Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance8
Fatigue Points0Hit Points50
Total Offensive Rating (OR)0Total Protective Rating (PR)58

A beast with 40 hit points and 10 DR almost everywhere with really fast regeneration that can't even hurt us has a PR of 58. Now let's see about making a monster that can headbutt us and do some crushing damage. He also moves annoyingly fast.

Attack Skill5Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance8
Fatigue Points0Hit Points50
Total Offensive Rating (OR)14Total Protective Rating (PR)58

OK... so we have barely breached 72, now we need to add in some more stuff in there. Let's look at advantages we can throw at this thing. It doesn't seem capable of negotiation, so it is unfazeable and it probably has a high pain threshold, so let's add those in.

Attack Skill5Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance8
Fatigue Points0Hit Points50
Total Offensive Rating (OR)14Total Protective Rating (PR)68
Now we are at 82. I feel like I'm stretching this boss kinda thin, so I can't add anything else to this monster. However, taking advantage of its flinging ability, we can round out the numbers by putting up some traps. I'm thinking some very obvious, but nigh impossible to disarm spikes in the ground. Following the format from Dungeon Fantasy 2, I come up with the following

Small irremovable spikes: These spikes are built into the floor as a fixture
Detect: Per
Disarm: No.
Circumvent: Avoid
Evade: No.
Effects: 1d-2 impaling
Shots: Infinite
Steal: No.
This trap has an OR of 27. Combined with the CER of 82 for the boss encounter itself, we have met the minimum desired challenge level with a combined value of 109. Writing up the boss's stats, I have the following:

ST: 17HP: 40Speed: 4 
DX: 10Will: 10Move: 8
IQ: 6Per: 10
HT: 10FP: 10SM: +2
Dodge: 8Parry: N/ADR: 10
Headbutt (15): Range C, 2d crushing
Tail (10): Range 3, 2d crushing, range is calculated as if the tail can swivel around the head.
Bounciness (Aura): When attacking, or being attacked with a melee technique, it's opponent receives double knockback as if struck by 3d crushing. This does not apply when a hit strikes the tail.
Traits: Overconfidence, Vermiform, No Arms, Berserk, Unfazeable, High Pain Threshold, Regeneration (Very Fast)
Skills: Brawling-15

The Moldorm has DR 10 all over its body except for its eyes (-8 to hit) and its tail (-5 to hit) Apply the bonus for size modifier to hit though, which will make it -6 and -3 respectively. Moldorm is flexible and fills 4 consecutive hexes, with its head at one end, and its vulnerable tail at another. The head tile can headbutt, or it can clumsily smack someone with its tail. Always add the 3d crushing double knockback on its attacks. Its DR is in the form of an exoskeleton, so if someone were to brute force the hard bouncy shell, you might be able to pierce its torso or skull. It will require a Naturalist roll to understand where to aim for its vitals.

 Other Notes

Anyone who has played Zelda knows that Moldorm is actually surrounded by pits, not spikes. I didn't like the pit concept, so I changed it. Feel free to change it to a huge pit if you like, especially with stronger adventurers. The trap is purposefully almost as weak as it can get. A clever player might grapple the part of the tail that is vulnerable and try to impale it on the spikes. Sounds like good thinking to me. Many players will probably resort to a ranged strategy to avoid the insane knock-back.

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