Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sorcery: Combustion, Great Combustion, and Black Flame

Elementary pyromancy. Create powerful flame in hand.One of the most basic pyromancies. For this very reason, the flame thus created is fierce.
 Like yesterday's article, this article is to knock out a large series of similar abilities at once. Each of Combustion, Great Combustion, and Black Flame (to an extent) are progressively more powerful variations on a theme. So let's calculate them out in this post.

All of these spells are melee touch fire damage, all of them except Black Flame, which is actually a slight variation on the theme and includes physical (crushing) and fire (burning). So let's look at the first two.
Combustion (-45%): Burning Innate Attack 3 (Sorcery -15%; Melee Attack, C, -30%) [9]
The slightly stronger version, Great Combustion is similar.
Pyromancy which improves upon Combustion. Create powerful, giant flame in hand.Great Combustion creates a powerful flame, but many sorcerers mock the simplicity of this spell.
 Great Combustion (-45%): Burning Innate Attack 5 (Sorcery -15%; Melee Attack, C, -30%) [14]
So those are the two easy ones, the last one is slightly tricky. It is especially formatted to be difficult to defend against, so let's put on some levels of reliable, with the 0-point feature that it must be applied towards deceptive attack. It is also two types of damage, so we need to stat out two pieces.
A pyromancy discovered from the Dark of the Abyss by a pyromancer who wandered Oolacile. Conjure a great black flame in one's palm.Black flames are weighty, and inflict physical damage, enough to smack away the mightiest of the shields.
  Black Flame (Carrier) (+15%): Crushing Innate Attack 2 (Sorcery -15%; Melee Attack, C, -30%; Reliable, 2, +10%; Feature, Must always take one level of deceptive attack, +0%; Armor Divisor, (2), +50%) [12]

So the crushing element part is worth 11.5 character points, the follow-up element is:
  Black Flame (Follow-Up) (-40%): Burning Innate Attack 2 (Mana Sensitive -10%; Follow-Up, Melee Attack, -30% ) [6]

The follow-up modifier is a difficult one. It is the value of all of several important limitations on the carrier attack combined, and in this case, the Melee Attack modifier was applicable. Altogether, the spell is 18 points.

Other Notes

Sorcery is OK with spells having leveling concepts, so technically, Combustion and Great Combustion are almost the same spell at different levels in this system, while Black Flame actually has some important mechanical distinctions. If one cares, one level of Combustion or Great Combustion costs 2.75 points, and adds 1d damage. One level of Black Flame costs 9.25 points, and adds 1d crushing damage and 1d follow-up burning damage.

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