Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sorcery: Far Tasting

Tastes longer than that, I'm afraid.
Kinda short on time today, so let's see what we can do that is still weird and interesting. How about a spell that lets us taste things ridiculously far away? Sure!

The ability to sense things remotely is based on the advantage Clairsentience. The spell Far Tasting in vanilla magic can allow us to taste as far as we can see. Humans can actually see pretty far. So, I decided to alter it to mean as far as we can see on the Earth's surface, which according to a random google search, seems to be a little over 3 miles. Clairsentience has a normal range of 10 yards, and needs enough extended range to reach 3.1 miles or 5456 yard, or 1000x minimum for a 10,000 yard range and a 120% enhancement. We need to limit it to sight based as well, so we can't taste through walls, and we need to lower FP costs to 1.

Far Tasting (+50%): Clairsentience (Increased Range, 10,000 yards, +120%; Reduced Fatigue Cost, +20%; Mana Sensitive, -10%; Vision Based, -20%, Clairsomia, -60%) [75]

Other Notes

We could probably make the range a lot smaller and be happy. With a normal 10 yard range, the spell would only cost 15 points instead. Note that Clairsentience normally requires 2 FP; since it normally already costs FP, we need to reduce its cost to 1 and apply the magic power modifier (or mana-sensitive) instead. It still means the same thing mechanically as sorcery... just that we don't get the 5% for changing the FP cost anymore. I believe this spell is probably very useful, but the price is probably prohibitively high. I'd recommend maybe making it a leveled spell which increases in range for every 10 points per level beyond the first to taste things progressively further away.

Precis - A weird support spell when you need to taste distant things.

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