Monday, January 25, 2016

Sorcery: Know Recipe

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Kinda having a hard time getting together time to write a post today, so here's a short one based on the ability Psychometry and a spell from the GURPS Magic vanilla book. Psychometry is kind of a neat ability; almost so powerful though that it scares me. Know Recipe is a specially limited version to immediately be able to understand how food is prepared. Let's take a look at how to make this as a sorcery.

Psychometry as an advantage lets us see the history of an inanimate object. Particularly in the case of Know Recipe, we want to know how a particular prepared food stuff came into being. Using some modifiers from Powers, we want to only know mundane things as opposed to impassioned, stressed emotional history. Even more specifically, just how the object is made. We also want immersive to see in excruciating detail every element of the preparation of the food. The ability might be written out as follows:
Know Recipe (+25%): Psychometry (Sorcery, -15%; Mundane, -30%; Accessibility, Only the creation of foodstuff, -30%; Immersive, +100%; No Signature, +20%; Active Only, -20%) [25]

Other Notes

A more lenient GM might excuse the Immersive modifier, and that would make the spell only 5 points. At this level, the spell is probably too vague to indicate specific temperatures and quantities though, but could still be useful for getting "flashes" of ingredients used. No Signature, I think might be important in the case where corporate espionage might be a big no-no; making sure that people are not aware that you are checking the recipe of the food you are sticking your fingers into could be an important advantage. Ranged might be an additional useful modifier if you want to test food without noticeably touching it. Note that there is a roll penalty for food prepared well in advance, food nominally being prepared in the same day, or at most preserved often in the same year. This often doesn't have a big impact, especially if the character has a decent sorcery talent... if the modifier is huge, however, it could give away the fact that the food is extremely old, giving a sideways, lateral ability to, for example, get a guess of how old an entombed mummy and his or her sacrifices might be. This ability also might have the side benefit of allowing a sorcerer to discover poisons or the like hidden inside the food. The positive enhancement "Directed" didn't seem to quite fit because that is the ability to specifically be able to query events of a specific type, time, or subject as desired. This ability is only for the recipe of an item. Not general impulses regarding the food, nor the ability to query anything else about the food, such as how it was farmed, or when the animal was slaughtered.

Precis - A Sorcery make-over of a spell to reverse engineer recipes.

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