Monday, January 18, 2016

Treasure: Eternal Warrior's Ring

In Game Art
An old bronze ring held by Old King Doran. Increases Stamina recovery rate.
The hero Doran, protector of the royal family of Boleteria, lives on forever as a demigod.
Writer's block continues, so an easy one again. This ring, in GURPS terms, gives the wearer Very Fit.
Very Fit with a generic -10% power modifier is 13.5 points, or [14] That translates to 9 EP. 9 EP is $2,880 in terms of labor, $50 in raw materials, and marked up to $5,860 at retail in a TL 3 environment.

Anyone have any requests for difficult abilities to stat out in GURPS? Special Encounters? Other content that might be helpful? I could just completely go through game catalogs translating stuff, but if anyone wants to suggest something, let me know in the comments.

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