Friday, January 22, 2016

Treasure: Phosphorescent Pole

In Game Art
A long rod inlaid with a blue jewel that emits phosphorescent light.Bladeless and lightweight, and due to a magical enhancement, it slowly regenerates the wielder's MP. One of Lord Rydyell's most storied exploits is his theft of this weapon from the witch in the sky.
Another item inspired by Demon's Souls, a weapon that regenerates Energy Reserve, while also serving as an effective weapon. Let's see how this works out.

First off, the weapon can be based off of a type of quarterstaff, but a quarterstaff is pretty cheap, so we will probably need to take a look at martial arts or low tech for ways to jack up the price. From the lore description and the name it sounds like monetary value would come from an impressive appearance first, and then potentially from improved fighting quality if we need to go beyond that.

The weapon has two magical effects, a very small damage boost in pure magic damage, and more importantly, reserve regeneration. The FP regeneration is simply

Phosphorescent Spear Regeneration (-10%): Regeneration (Very Fast) (FP Only, +0%; Magical -10%;) [45]

The extra bonus damage applied to mundane attacks is:

Phosphorescent Spear Extra Damage (-10%): Innate Attack (Burning) 1/4 (Follow-up, +0%; Magical, -10%) [2]

This adds an extra HP of burning magical damage to the attack.
All together, this adds up to 46.125 character points to enchant into a weapon. The modifier for enchanting a quarterstaff is .35, so this comes out to be 17 Enchantment Points, or EP.
17 Enchantment Points require raw materials that cost $100 or more, and a nominal Quarterstaff costs $10 according to the basic set. Let's add 14 CF to make it very fine according to low tech, P. 59. Let's add another 4 CF according to P.38 to make a very ornate quarterstaff. This weapon now costs $190, and is worth well more than the bare minimum.
The 17 points of enchantment are worth roughly $5,440 in TL3 GURPS Bucks. Adjusting for merchant markup and adding the cost of raw materials, the weapon costs $11,070 and is a pretty useful tool for casters, though someone with jeweler skill might want to inset some nice power items to make it worth even more.

To calculate the damage done by the staff, use the regular quarterstaff damage stats but add 2 to the damage for being very fine. If any damage is dealt and penetrates, add another 1 burning magic damage to the total. The staff also adds +2 to reactions due to its ornate decoration, and has -2 to break. All other statistics are similar to the vanilla quarterstaff.

Other Notes

This can easily be adjust upwards by giving more regeneration or more bonus damage. As it stands, it is already a pretty high level magic item. It could be restatted as using the priest's "Divine" power modifier or a Martial Artist's "Chi Modifier" for no cost difference, as these two classes in Dungeon Fantasy are likely to use Quarterstaves. If increasing the value of the regeneration enchantment, it might be necessary to upgrade the staves raw properties even further. I estimate around a minimum of $300 in raw materials, which might be possible by adding some power item gems or adding even more ornate decorations.

Precis - A look at using Sorcery to make a weapon inspired by Demon's Souls.

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