Friday, March 11, 2016

Cross-Post: The Bunnies' Tale

You read the book,
you watched the movie,
now play the game!
The Mook, the guy who wrote How to be a GURPS GM made a short Bunnies n Burrows inspired campaign. Think along the lines of Watership Down. It's written with GURPS beginners in mind, focusing on rules based in GURPS Lite, but alerting readers that yes, it mixes well with your favorite supplements. The point is to be quick, as well as to be either a change of pace for experienced players (and GMs) that need some decompression and inspiration, or for brand new players to get a handle on the mechanics.

It looks pretty interesting, and I especially enjoyed the application of the Herbalism skill. Interesting read, and not too long, but inspirational enough to give a few new ideas.

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