Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

10,000 Get Edition
It's that time of week again where I get meta. It's GURPSDay!
Let's take a look at what happened in the last 7 or so days.

What's new? Only one new blog!

Like Unluckiness, But Worse

A new blog with a grab-bag of stuff. Mainly focusing on campaign reports right now, and statting out some character concepts. Looks like a mix of Fantasy, Punkish, and Dungeon Fantasy content. Interesting that it is on Tumblr; doesn't seem like a blogging platform where GURPS has sunken its tentacles into yet.

Other Observations

The new blogs are starting to come to a trickle again. Last time I said that, a whole bunch of new blogs joined, so maybe saying it out loud again will mean there will be more blogs next week. I look forward to the concept of solo adventures from Collaborative Gamer. Mook's bit on Bunnies and Burrows in GURPS 4e has been interesting too. Just Roll 3d6 has been interesting overall. Dungeon Fantastic had another "Patching Holes" post which has some interesting advice. Solid stuff for players trying to come up with a more mechanically solid character while still allowing for narrative weaknesses.

Self Reflection

10,000 hits. I added my brother as an editor to the blog because I've recently felt my writing has been sloppy, and he has been enjoying picking out grammar errors so there is that. I kinda like the concept of the one page dungeon mentioned at GURPS Hexy Time, so I'm thinking of trying a  similar concept called the Five Room Dungeon. My first attempt, I feel, went super abstract, so I think I'm going to aim for something more concrete in the future. Probably want to build it up piecemeal as I said in the afterword of that post. Come up with a few interesting enemies, a few interesting traps or puzzles, a few interesting characters, and then build the dungeon. I think I need to anchor around a typical party too. I feel like a party of 4 with an overall CER of 160 (about 40 CER per party member; a lot of people will be much higher or lower), might be a good baseline for a more concrete dungeon that can be easily scaled up. However, scaling down I think is always a challenge - maybe I want to aim for an even lower CER?

I feel like I haven't been doing enough Cross-Posts on my blog recently. Dunno what post authors would appreciate more - for me to leave a comment or for me to post a link? Maybe I can do both?


  1. "Dunno if post authors would more appreciate me leaving a comment or a posting with a link, or maybe I can do both?"

    A cross-post is, in a way, the ultimate compliment. Not only did you like the post, but you liked it enough that it engendered further thoughts. It's also much more likely to drive traffic to BOTH sites, because blogs are a form of social media, and it's not social if it doesn't reach out.

    One more thing: I consider a blog that provides new content to be a hit at about a post every other day (3.5 per week). Right now, I do a GURPSDay post, an adventure writeup, Reloading Press, and a few other posts that may or may not be GURPS-related each week. So I expect to hit about 3.5 posts per week, but others might fluctuate. We've got 35 blogs, so a thrice-per-week pace should hit 100 posts. We're not there yet, but who knows . . .

    1. I agree with that on the cross-posting. The best thing is when I look at traffic stats and see a source I don't recognize, and find it's because someone said, "this guy had something useful to say about this."

      As a personal challenge to myself, I want to make at least one post a day, even if that means a very small post here and there, but I might slow down after the one year anniversary.


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