Saturday, April 16, 2016

CER: Adding Racial Templates To Blank Slates

Haha hahahaha.
Today, just creating a reference for this post here, with the CER values after applying some racial templates from Dungeon Fantasy 3.

Knife Fighter - Human13720
Dual Wielder - Human15520
Sword and Board - Human12820
Naginata Fighter - Human15520
Knife Fighter - Cat-Folk15924
Dual Wielder - Cat-Folk17926
Sword and Board - Cat-Folk151025
Naginata Fighter - Cat-Folk18624
Knife Fighter - Coleopteran201333
Dual Wielder - Coleopteran221133
Sword and Board - Coleopteran191029
Naginata Fighter - Coleopteran221133
Knife Fighter - Corpse Eater171330
Dual Wielder - Corpse Eater191130
Sword and Board - Corpse Eater161430
Naginata Fighter - Corpse Eater191130
Knife Fighter - Dark One13922
Dual Wielder - Dark One15722
Sword and Board - Dark One121022
Naginata Fighter - Dark One15722
Knife Fighter - Dragon-Blooded161026
Dual Wielder - Dragon-Blooded18826
Sword and Board - Dragon-Blooded151126
Naginata Fighter - Dragon-Blooded18826
Knife Fighter - Dwarf161026
Dual Wielder - Dwarf18826
Sword and Board - Dwarf151126
Naginata Fighter - Dwarf18826

Other Thoughts

A lot of the templates apply really easily but the ones that aren't easy to apply are those that involve bonuses or penalties to ST or DX because DX may or may not change active defenses, and ST may or may not change damage for a thrusting attack.
I was originally thinking of writing them all out, but meh, I don't think it provides that much value. I can't show the stats because that would reveal some secret sauce that would be almost half of the content of The Next Level. I think the important take away here is that you can take a couple of simple templates and create a wide variety of combat encounters. From 4 weak characters, and 6 templates, I have 24 new battle encounters, and that's something that is a bit interesting to me.

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