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Treasure(?) : Bunches of Recovery Items Inspired by Castlevania!

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So, Dungeon Fantasy doesn't need to be realistic at all, but it seems like there are not enough whimsical video game concepts to me. So here, using a bit of simple normalization, I've statted out some recovery items based on food items from Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair. The item effects were calculated by extrapolating prices from various enchanting systems and item catalogs.

NameRecoveryBonus EffectsPrice
Steamed Mussel2HPHT+1;Will+1$198
Fried Crab Claw2HPHT+2$110
Fried Chicken1HPHT+1$121
Hot Dog1HPHT+1$121
Bagel Sandwich3HPHT+1$187
Red Licorice1HP; 1FPNone$66
Cream Puff1HP; 1FPNone$66
Pudding1HP; 1FPActive Defense+1$285
Plain Cruller1HP; 1FPNone$66
Plain Donut1HP; 1FPIQ+1$241
Tiramisu2HP; 2FPIQ+1;Active Defense+1$430
Berry Mousse Cake3HP; 3FPIQ+1;Active Defense+2$653
Mango Mousse Cake3HP; 3FPIQ+1;Will+2$475
Mint Mousse Cake3HP; 3FPIQ+1;Will+1;Active Defense+1$563
Meat Strip1HPST+1$121
Boneless Ham4HPHT+1$248
Roast Beef4HPHT+1;ST+1$336
Tasty Meat4HPST+1$248
Caesar Salad2FPNone$70
California Roll1HPNone$33
Shrimp Cocktail3HPNone$113
Beef Curry3HPST+3$375
Caviar7HPIQ+2;Active Defense+2$945
Truffle7HPActive Defense+2$595

Notes And Closing

Bonus effects last for an hour. The point value I used for calculating Active Defense+2 was Basic Speed+1 +Basic Move-1.
The somewhat low prices of these items stipulate that the following rules should optionally apply to these items:
  1. The bonuses should never stack.
  2. The special effects are provided by the ambience. The benefits are only provided in the right location.
A lot of the items are mechanically redundant. Who cares? Having a long list of items gives flavor (HA HA HA, IT IS LIKE A PUN?!)
The items definitely have a Castlevania feel to them. Refluff the names if you are like me and don't like having that air of fanfic-dabbling territory around your games. Or don't. Nothing is especially Castlevania about "Strawberry."
To make them more interesting you can use them as local specialties like mentioned in Taverns, or as especially effective recipes a la p.24 of Henchmen.


  1. Why is Caesar Salad worth $140 while a Fried Crab Claw is only $110? A Caesar Salad will give you 2 FP (which you'll recover in 30 minutes on your own) and no additional bonus, while the Fried Crab Claw grants you 2 HP AND a bonus!

    Also, there's a suggestion for UT food to act as simple drugs that temporarily grant you a perk. That might be a concept worth looking into as well.

    1. Ah, that does stick out a bit. I made some adjustments to FP recovery prices basing it on some extrapolations from the price of paut. I need to check out Ultratech some day!


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