Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crafting: Modifying Damage Types

Take Nunchaku, convert crushing to
piercing, and you're done.
So this is a simple follow up to yesterday's post about using enhancements to create new cost
enhancements in the form of cost factors. This time though I am reverse engineering the cost of more difficult advantages and enhancements to make some customization options that are hopefully slightly grounded in game balance and system consistency, but divorced from realism.

Changing Damage Type

The cost factor of modifying damage type is based on ratios of the cost of different types of innate attacks. From that, I generated the following values. To get these cost factors, I took the ratios of the cost of the innate attack advantages, and then, just by feeling, decided that if the ratio was equal or greater than 1 (that is, the damage type is overall a mechanical improvement) then I would multiply it by 3 and round it up. If it was less than 1 (overall a mechanical regression) then I would round the ratio up to the nearest tenth and add it to -1,

Original Damage Type New Damage Type Cost Factor
Burning Corrosion 6
Burning Crushing 3
Burning Cutting 5
Burning Fatigue 6
Burning Impaling 5
Burning Small Piercing -0.4
Burning Piercing 3
Burning Large Piercing 4
Burning Huge Piercing 5
Burning Toxic -0.2
Corrosion Burning -0.5
Corrosion Crushing -0.5
Corrosion Cutting -0.3
Corrosion Fatigue 3
Corrosion Impaling -0.2
Corrosion Small Piercing -0.7
Corrosion Piercing -0.5
Corrosion Large Piercing -0.4
Corrosion Huge Piercing -0.2
Corrosion Toxic -0.6
Crushing Burning 3
Crushing Corrosion 6
Crushing Cutting 5
Crushing Fatigue 6
Crushing Impaling 5
Crushing Small Piercing -0.4
Crushing Piercing 3
Crushing Large Piercing 4
Crushing Huge Piercing 5
Crushing Toxic -0.2
Cutting Burning -0.3
Cutting Corrosion 5
Cutting Crushing -0.3
Cutting Fatigue 5
Cutting Impaling 4
Cutting Small Piercing -0.6
Cutting Piercing -0.3
Cutting Large Piercing -0.2
Cutting Huge Piercing 4
Cutting Toxic -0.5
Fatigue Burning -0.5
Fatigue Corrosion 3
Fatigue Crushing -0.5
Fatigue Cutting -0.3
Fatigue Impaling -0.2
Fatigue Small Piercing -0.7
Fatigue Piercing -0.5
Fatigue Large Piercing -0.4
Fatigue Huge Piercing -0.2
Fatigue Toxic -0.6
Impaling Burning -0.4
Impaling Corrosion 4
Impaling Crushing -0.4
Impaling Cutting -0.2
Impaling Fatigue 4
Impaling Small Piercing -0.7
Impaling Piercing -0.4
Impaling Large Piercing -0.3
Impaling Huge Piercing 3
Impaling Toxic -0.5
Small Piercing Burning 5
Small Piercing Corrosion 10
Small Piercing Crushing 5
Small Piercing Cutting 7
Small Piercing Fatigue 10
Small Piercing Impaling 8
Small Piercing Piercing 5
Small Piercing Large Piercing 6
Small Piercing Huge Piercing 8
Small Piercing Toxic 4
Piercing Burning 3
Piercing Corrosion 6
Piercing Crushing 3
Piercing Cutting 5
Piercing Fatigue 6
Piercing Impaling 5
Piercing Small Piercing -0.4
Piercing Large Piercing 4
Piercing Huge Piercing 5
Piercing Toxic -0.2
Large Piercing Burning -0.2
Large Piercing Corrosion 5
Large Piercing Crushing -0.2
Large Piercing Cutting 4
Large Piercing Fatigue 5
Large Piercing Impaling 4
Large Piercing Small Piercing -0.5
Large Piercing Piercing -0.2
Large Piercing Huge Piercing 4
Large Piercing Toxic -0.4
Huge Piercing Burning -0.4
Huge Piercing Corrosion 4
Huge Piercing Crushing -0.4
Huge Piercing Cutting -0.2
Huge Piercing Fatigue 4
Huge Piercing Impaling 3
Huge Piercing Small Piercing -0.7
Huge Piercing Piercing -0.4
Huge Piercing Large Piercing -0.3
Huge Piercing Toxic -0.5
Toxic Burning 4
Toxic Corrosion 8
Toxic Crushing 4
Toxic Cutting 6
Toxic Fatigue 8
Toxic Impaling 6
Toxic Small Piercing -0.3
Toxic Piercing 4
Toxic Large Piercing 5
Toxic Huge Piercing 6

Other Thoughts and Closing

Most of these damage types don't even exist for most mundane weapons, but meh, I made a formula in a spreadsheet, so it wasn't hard to generate numbers for every value. I chose totally arbitrarily to multiply by 3, and I think the numbers come out pretty good for the positive cost factors. Of course, you could use a different multiplier, but somehow, most of the numbers seem just right to me.

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