Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPS Character Sheet Update, GURPS Calculator Update

Like this.
So, GURPS Calculator and GURPS Character Sheet have both received symbiotic updates. Now, apparently you can import GCS into the calculator to do more in-game operations even quicker. Maybe I should take a look at this and if it works nicely, maybe I'll need to revise my real life game no cell phone policy. The one thing I'd like is the ability to have network capability so a GM can update player point totals, and confirm/veto out of cycle shopping and character point expenditures. This sounds like it might be a step towards enabling that.


  1. Whatever ideas you have, go to, and in the menu hit Settings > Report Bug / Request Feature. It'll take you to my official ticket repository. Put everything on your mind in! Many of gCalc's best features come from user ideas.


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