Sunday, June 5, 2016

CER: The Natural Encyclopedia: Breeder - Wolf, Shadow

Today, I'm covering the undead section of The Natural Encyclopedia. This one has a bunch of templates, which don't lend themselves to CER, but I'll do what I can, and consider this a lucky short break.

Hound, Brackish182139
Ghoul, Sand211435
Wolf, Shadow33740

Other Notes

Calaverite's values were determined as if it had a choice between an axe, broadsword, and shortsword, and that it could do the maximum number of most damaging attacks. That is to say, other specimens are likely to have a lower CER.
This section was extremely small, but it had a crazy amount of back and forth between the Fantasy book, Pyramid 3/77, and my notes. I like to keep the chunks in manageable page counts, but the chapter ends at page 63, so that probably means I'll be stuck with a lot more next time when I start the Sapients chapter just to make it even again. Insubstantiality isn't accounted for in the regular CER calculations, even though that is a big bit of Shadowblade's schtick. Similarly, the Shadow Wolf has really good stealth abilities, but that is also not accounted for. Chiller and Sand Ghoul have really strong cyclic abilities, but since the consequences resolve on a scale of days instead of seconds, that too is not reflected immediately in the numbers.

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