Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

New Book!
GURPSDay! New Dungeon Fantasy fodder! Hooray!

State of Blogdom

This week, we have the following new blogs:
  • Save Vs Hollowing I enjoy the Dark Souls inspired name, on a blog that meanders across many topics in a mostly, thus far, system agnostic manner. The writer has recently joined the GURPSDay list and says that the intent is to produce more GURPS content in the near future. Maybe he might be interested in some of my Dark Souls themed posts?

Besides that, but Gentleman Gamer is starting to get some decent content. It's really good to dissect what went well and what didn't when gming, and such a case study is provided to us. I've had one colossal smoking crater of a campaign once, but I'm not sure I can handle it with the constructive objectivity I should. Seeing some posts from some long time absent posters, like Cursed with some home brew on how to better price Combat Reflexes. The Mook brings us some of his con experiences, I look forward to perusing that in a bit. Gaming Ballistic has a transcript of the PK talk (he writes the After The End line and several other books.) I also like this post a bit, but don't have anything constructive to add to it. Making plans makes for more believable NPCs, and in my GMing style, the game is fueled by the players having their own plans to work towards. If you don't know why you want to do something in my games, it's very rare that anything will ever happen, and if the situation gets desperate, you are basically surrendering volition to me to make something happen, whether or not that is something you want to happen. Mailanka's powers are interesting this week, and he's got a bunch of post, so just look at his whole blog so I don't have to hyperlink the h*ck out of this line. Overall, a fun week. Oh, and a new version of GURPS Calculator.

Self Reflection and Other Thoughts

I focused on some rather introductory type posts this week because I have really new players, and writing about fundamentals refreshes me so that I can answer any real easy questions, and I have something to point them to if they need it later. Traffic has been exceptional lately, but meh, I've been having a good positive trend for a while so, keeping with the pattern, it's expected that more people should be reading.I also enjoy that I'm starting to get lots of comments, so please keep giving me feedback. I can only correct my mistakes if someone lets me know I'm making mistakes.
I bought Gun-Fu this week and Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 3 just a few minutes ago. Gun-Fu is pretty good, I wanted some more detail for a slightly higher tech dungeon romp, and I think Gun-Fu scratched that itch effectively. Haven't read the new bestiary yet, but the table of contents looks very promising.
My fundamentals posts have been popular this week. So has my post on the house-rule of buying attributes lil bits at a time. Still got some interesting hanger-on posts that are popular months in, like the blank slate thugs, and the short spider adventure. My most popular post this week is in the top 10 of all time, so that's kinda interesting that it got so much traffic so quickly, guess lots of people have questions about the basics of GURPS, or are maybe just trying to see for themselves how the system compares to alternates.
Real life has not been great this week. Had to take the dog to a vet because he was throwing up a lot, but I guess he's ok, so that's good, but it was really fr*cking expensive. Then I got like super sick, but that just put me in bed for two days. After I got better, cat bit the p**p out of my arm and I got a serious infection I needed to go to urgent care for. Even with insurance that felt way too expensive! Ah well, not hurting for cash, I guess.


  1. There should be several new blogs this week...I'll have to go see what happened.

    1. Then I'll probably be needing to do some revisions later!


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