Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections


What da diddly happened in the blogabiddly?

So what was interesting this week? Denis is working on a full adventure, and that sounds cool. Christopher has an interesting post about survival in the cold. Jeff Demers has gotten character sheet sharing in GURPS Calculator which is the do-or-die thing I was waiting for, gotta putz around with it to see if it is everything I dreamed. I got access to the source control, so if it isn't, I'll make it so!

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

There is something of a shortage of GURPS post recently in the GURPSverse. Similarly, I'm starting to collide with a writer's block, but meh, I got a bajillion books to review while thinking of something new to write.
Speaking of reviews, my two most popular posts were reviews for the Basic Set - Characters and Basic Set - Campaigns. I wonder why. My musketeer goblin stats come in at third, people like monster stats I guess. Interestingly, my mathy post on not dying by leveling HT and HP was also popular.
A really cool player leaves the group this week. Sad to hear that it couldn't work out, but I'll give him a holler if the situation ever changes or we start up a new game at a maybe more convenient time and/or location.
I can't really think of any other particularly interesting observations, so I guess that is that!


  1. I've noticed that shortage myself. I have a blog feed that I follow, and it's currently basically you, myself, and Peter, with the occasional burst of posts (Thursday, usually)

    1. Keep it up, pal! GURPS blog updates are what get me through the days between sprint work and projects! I think maybe it is summer vacation time. I'm trying to keep to my [exhausting] one post a day schedule until the blog's December anniversary, so if it weren't for that, with the writer's block I have, I'd probably be taking a few days hiatus myself (or tackling one of the ideas I have that can't be written up in a single afternoon.)

    2. Real life for me =) Deadlines in coder universe tend to mean dark rooms and caffeine for awhile.

    3. Oh sure! I have a feast or famine kinda schedule at work; real pipeline management issues... no work for weeks, and then "here's 30 story points for each of you for 3 weeks, get cracking. c:" So I get what you say.


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