Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

People that are like, "duh, just
look at the angle of the chain"
Like that makes any sense at all.
It's the once a week thing you've been waiting for since last week. What treasures await us?

This week we have a historic post-ravaganza, so there are a ton of posts. The one new blog that sticks out to me is Shane Plays, a radio show and podcast on myriad rpg topics. He had a bit of a talk on his show a few months ago about GURPS, and recently he walked through creating a character. I definitely want to get time to listen to that. Yore also seems to be a new blog that covers a lot of different content, some of that content is GURPS, but, all in all, it seems to focus on reviews of books regardless of system. Sounds like he has a ton and knows what he is talking about though. Rindis also covers a wide variety of RPGs, board games, video games, anime, books, like all the hobbies I have? Though there aren't a lot of posts, his casual reflections and editorials on GURPS material seem very well informed.

Other New Things

I like the candid frankness of the reviews on RogerBW's Blog. I think I step around a bit gingerly when trying to avoid out and out saying something is not to my liking. If I like something, I make it abundantly clear, but when I don't, it's a bit more murky. I always like the stuff posted by RPG Jutsu. I feel like I might not have spoken to it much last week, but meh, I'll say it this week. I just noticed that the recaps on Gaming Ballistic are huge. I might want to look at them closer when I get bored. I feel like I've talked to Improvised Radio Theatre in the past, and it definitely has a history, but it also seems a bit new? Maybe it was one of those that wasn't propagating correctly in the weekly pulls? Set Adrift on 3d6 has been a consistent mix of entertaining and informative. The powers that Mailanka is working through are also pretty interesting and pretty setting agnostic. I enjoy the hands on process that Gentleman Gamer goes through when discussing how he sets up a campaign.

Self Reflection and Other Thoughts

Three of my most popular posts this week are reviews, which are always popular. I am almost done reviewing the entire mainline Dungeon Fantasy series though. Even though I only posted it yesterday, my two graphs  discussing HT versus HP are already the second most popular post this week.
I think my posts have been a lot more editorial in content rather than hard facts or new content this week, and it makes for interesting traffic patterns. Traffic gets a little shaky when I spout popular and unpopular opinions, versus when I am sticking to stuff that is either right or wrong with little wiggle room to disagree. I'd think that controversial posts would invite more talk, but instead there are a few less comments this week than the previous. But still higher than it's been for a long time, so I'll take what feedback I can get.
I had a really good first session of my new campaign yesterday, I need to get up the recap post soon before I forget and everything is forgotten.

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