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Power-Ups: Samurai (Knight Variant)

A fun issue, mostly liked
the Havens & Hells part.
I've been putting together interesting abilities for my Divine Favor cleric player for a while, so I thought I'd take a change of pace and focus on my Samurai player. I based the character's template off of something of a mix of a Dungeon Fantasy 15 henchman template, and some of the lens ideas from Pyramid 3/89. This being said, take it or leave it, they might be nice for your run of the mill Dungeon Fantasy samurai? Some of these ideas, I am guessing are going to come dangerously close to something like a Mystic Knight, which I don't yet own the pyramid issue for, but I'm gonna go at it with my own spin on things. Without further ado, let's get cracking.

Good Stuff I Can Already Use

I say this game is a little different than Dungeon Fantasy, and little is a very important distinction. For the most part, it's kinda like a TL4 Dungeon Fantasy meets Gun-Fu. That said, some good rudimentary places to look for cool abilities to buy:
  • Dungeon Fantasy 1
    • Anything on the Knight template (p.8)
    • Chi Mastery (p.21)
    • Orichalcum armor (p.27)
    • Lighten enchantment (p.30) especially, but many others are awesome too.
  • Dungeon Fantasy 3
    • Knight Power-Ups (p.39)
    • Two-Weapon Fighting (p.41)
    • Cross-Training into either Martial Artist, Scout, or Swashbuckler (both p.29) does not require money, only character points.
  • Dungeon Fantasy 8
    • Double-Sword (p.33)
    • Many of the enchantments on p.48,49
  • Dungeon Fantasy 11
    • All of the power-ups for Knights (p.29)
    • Uninterrupted Flurry (p.30) with the prerequisites expanded to include Weapon Master as an alternative to Trained by a Master.
    • Cleaving Strike (p.10)
    • Quick-Sheathe (p.11)
    • Sacrificial Parry (p.11)
    • Not Without My Weapon (p.12)
    • Slayer Training (p.13)
  • Dungeon Fantasy 18
    • Power Items for Imbuement purposes. I like Passive Recharging best (p.10).
  • Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 2
    • Blade of Destiny (p.4)
    • Whirlwind Sword (p.5)
  • GURPS Martial Arts
    • If a samurai learns Kyujutsu, (p.179) and invests an additional 16 points (for a total of 20) into core skills, techniques, and perks, the samurai may acquire the Heroic Archer advantage without cross-training into Scout. This may or may not be a raw deal. I think to make it worth while, the total should be reduced to 12 maybe?
  • Pyramid 3/89
    • Aggressive Defense (p.21)
    • Weapon Fencer (p.22)
    • Hagane (p.23)

Samurai Imbuements

Of course, there already is a Mystic Knight template, which I don't have, but here are some rules for learning Imbuements if I were to allow them.
Imbuements and I have
a complicated relationship.
I want to like them, but
they seem kinda not
exactly right to me, but the
core concept is so cool.
  • Imbuements are based on the Chi talent.
  • From Power Ups 1, The recommended Imbuement types for Knight are allowed, and if cross-training takes place, the ones for Martial Artist, Scout, and Swashbuckler are allowed, but focus should be on sword imbuements, and bow if cross-trained into Scout or at a simulacrum of mastery over Kyujutsu.
  • Each imbuement skill should be bought as a "skill as advantage" conversion, also with the Chi power source modifier. They still depend on the prerequisite Imbue advantage level (also modified for Chi power source.) 
    • These Advantages can be bought as Alternative Abilities for the discount, but the cool-down between swapping and the inability to use them simultaneously will be judiciously enforced.
    • Wildcard versions are also allowed, though they are definitely more expensive. A non-wildcard version can be upgraded to a wildcard version at your leisure.
    • And, if it makes sense, certain modifiers can be associated to the advantage. Techniques may be used to buy down the penalty of any enhancement effects that aren't just increased degrees of the same advantage, though, it almost looks like that is the case for all of them. In those cases, just raise Chi Talent, or Dexterity instead.
Below is an example of an Imbuement in this style:
Ethereal Katana (-10%): Ghostly Weapon(Broadsword; Chi, -10%) [8]
This would still depend on Imbue 1, and would provide bonuses for levels with the Chi Talent. Some enhancements that I would allow that could make this ability (maybe too?) powerful would be No Dice Roll Required (only on those that don't have modifiers), and Reduced FP Cost (probably fine on any.)

Other Thoughts and Closing

Wow, that was really just a bunch of research into looking for cool things that already exist, but at least now it is all in one place for later perusal. Does anyone else have any ideas for cool abilities for Samurai characters?

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