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City Stats:Goblin Mine - Ferrouskarr

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Playing with taking the campaign in a different direction that I was planning, and potentially going into a higher fantasy setting again, so I thought "let's stat out an unusual type of city." So I thought, goblin settlement in an abandoned mine, thought of iron and, bnaddabing, baddaboom I had a town name. Let's continue this exercise in creating a new "city."

I'm going to name my city Tonga, which is apparently a sovereign state of Polynesia. Let's get cracking on the metrics.


Goblins are weird, and lot of them live in small places, this is a much more advanced setting, Let's say we are a five square mile mine (Mines being in several dimensions, square mileage seems like a weird metric to use.) and throw out the totally random number 20,000. This gives us a +1 to find the right goblin for the right job.


It's a mine, so Underground. Easy.


They are goblins, it is an abandoned mine, it is not well kept up, and the two combined make Ugly sound right to me.


Because this is a mine, and because of some of the other health factors considered, I think a Hygiene of -2 is appropriate.

Mana Level

I think I want a more technical variety of goblins. This being an industrious site, and this being a technical place that might use more gadgetry than magic, Low Mana, no enchantment seems appropriate.


Goblinese. Easy.


I think goblins are often shown in pop culture being a little dumb, but also, paradoxically, engineering geniuses? Since this is about the majority, Broken feels good.

Tech Level

These being goblins and kooky crazy inventors that can pull advanced machinery outta nowhere, I think I'll call it TL6^.


This is an interesting thing. Fabulously wealthy goblins doesn't seem right, but they also seem like they would be poor, this is a mine which... used to have a lot of raw resources. I'm hovering between average and struggling, but I'll go with struggling for more flavor.


Goblins have a pretty flat hierarchy I feel.a status range of -1 to 1 is appropriate.


The government type that makes the most sense to me from the listed options is Clan/Tribal. This is found on p. B509 for reference. The Military Government special variation also seems to make sense 

Control Rating

According to Military Government, a 4 seems appropriate.


This is a funny thing, I see a big command and control type of government being in place when thinking about goblin society, but at the same time, I could see the letter of the law being hecka wobbly. -2.

Military Resources

This is a straight calculation. Using Basic Set to find the numbers listed, and looking at some other numbers I made up or calculated earlier, I have a military budget of $800,000 a month. This number sounds pretty high, but I guess that makes sense for a society that loves fighting.

Defense Bonus

This, again is a list of yes/no questions, and after looking at it, the Defense Bonus comes out to +6.

Final Stat Block

So, now that we have all these things plotted out, here's what it looks like as a City Stats block.

Ferrouskarr (1820 A.D.)

Population: 20,000 (Search +1)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Underground
Appearance: Ugly (-2)Hygiene: -2
Low Mana(No Enchantment)

Culture and Economy

Language: GoblineseLiteracy: Broken
TL: 6
Wealth: Struggling (x1/2)Status: -1 to 1

Political Environment

Government: Tribal Military Government
CR: 4 (Corruption -2)
Military Resources: $0.8MDefense Bonus: +6


The environment is inhabitable to most people being an abandoned mine full of dangerous underground gasses with several tunnels too small for human sized beings, but goblins are strong against those types of hazards, so oh well. The "government" is a little "oppressive" but goblins don't care because they are all working towards the common good anyways... or acting out against the order of things and doing whatever they want anyways.

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