Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Found this on some website called
***meme. I know it didn't come
from there, so I won't link it.
All the GURPS are singing that you better have Extra Life.

New(ish) Blogs

Well, looks like this week we have RPG Snob. It looks like an all purpose Tabletop RPG blog that has existed for a while with a decent amount of GURPS content. It's a potpourri of rules experimentation and editorials on mechanics. Pretty interesting and quick reads all around of what I see.

Forced Entry (Blogs) as an Optional Specialization

What did I see this week that I like? First off, The Collaborative Gamer is back, back again. I wonder if that means the random generation tables will see some progress soon? Also, Cursed -75 Points! Looks like a new game is starting. Dice and Lives worked out and played with a new alchemy system. It's got a nice amount of fluff that might be compatible with other existing systems as well. I like this post on trying to instill brands in a setting to give another layer of uniqueness to equipment. This Ravens N' Pennies post as well on how hard and fast character point budgets don't have to exist. The two posts from Dungeon Fantastic on required reading are pretty interesting to me, interesting enough that I showed my players. Fun week all around!

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Traffic is still ticking upwards, but comments feel slightly down, though in the last few days they have picked up, so thanks for reading, commenters!
My review of Adaptations is far and away my most hit post this week, with my review of Ritual Path Magic being a respectable but distant second, and my shapeshifter racial template almost touching it in hits.
Getting ready to start a new campaign, and trying to get my players more proactive in the planning process but failing. My idea is for everyone to write a paragraph synopsis of a type of game that they would like to play or run and then presenting it to the group... so far, I have mine... and one player's done. The ideas:
  • Steampunk frontier town, develop the infrastructure and protect the town from threats. Focus on politics. No magic, but some weird science.
  • Stone Age/Bronze Age transitionary campaign where the party needs to lead a village to evacuate an island and establish a new settlement elsewhere. High realism, some magic, focus on politics, communication, and infrastructure.
Let's see where that goes.

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