Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

New Issue!
GURPS ahoy, and other space puns!

No new blogs this week. Let's see what Pseudonym read that he thought was interesting.

Set Solar Sail For Blog Planet

I liked JustRoll3d6's talk about aborting combat, though it seems the onus is put more on the GM than the players. It's an interesting, difficult challenge to get away from an unwinnable fight or to cut losses, and it was discussed a bit earlier this year from a more player perspective as well.
It's a small thing, but I like RPM and flavor, so seeing a post for RPM pirates was pleasant. Dr. Kromm's teasers are starting to draw me to the precipice of madness. I like Rindis' reviews, but I haven't got a chance to look at this one on Social Engineering yet. Probably will get to it after this post. Finally, I don't do or like Sci-Fi that much, but this equipment list for such a setting from GURB was pretty fun to read about.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

I bought Thaumatology - Urban Magic on a whim, and I am very pleasantly surprised at what I am reading.
Traffic has been dipping again. Dunno, maybe it's all the setting preparation stuff that isn't interesting.
My thoughts on Campaign Preparation, or lessons learned about GMing in general is my most popular post this week. I think I might have come across as a bit acerbic though. My stone age village stats was also pretty close, and the review for Adaptations from last week is in 3rd.
Even though traffic started dipping, I've been getting a lot of comments again, so that's nice.
As you can tell from the bent of posts I'm preparing for a new campaign again. I hope I can make it work. I'm not really comfortable that I can make the setting interesting, but it is what my players want to do, so hopefully they can make it interesting for me?


  1. I'll have another review next week too.

    Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Urban Magic. It's still in the 'second tier' of things to get, but knowing the GURPS line, it could surprise me about how useful it is.

    1. In short, I liked it a lot. It's really fun to read, but the trouble I'm having is making sure I got my head wrapped around it well enough to write a review. I'm also attempting to read Martial Arts and Fantasy in a bit more depth than the first times I read them, because I found with Powers that sometimes there can be a lot of useful stuff in the chapters that I just panned over as irrelevant. So those three are the reviews I want to do in the near future.

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the post on aborting combat. It's definitely GM-centric - I was approaching the question from the perspective of balancing combat (and more specifically, making it less important to balance combat encounters perfectly by creating escape hatches). That's lens resulted in the GM focus, but you're right that players should be thinking about those options as well.


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