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Sorcery: Cadaver Cosmetology

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One of my players was thinking of a spell for his on-the-lam character that used to be a mortician. He wanted to make a corpse look like him to trick his pursuers into thinking he was dead. After doing a teeny bit of research, I found real life morticians call the process of preparing the dead for funerals is simply called "cosmetology," just like makeup. So I figure, if a mortician were to exist in a magic setting, he'd probably need just such an ability. Hence, here is a writeup on Cadaver Cosmetology.


So the ability that lets a character change his or her appearance to look like another member of his or her race is Elastic Skin. We need the ability to force a corpse to take that advantage and transform itself according to the caster's will. The one big piece of the problem is the duration bit. An Affliction by default is pretty short, though extending duration isn't too hard.
For the sake of pinching pennies, let's say this spell is a range C spell, the typical no signature requirement is also probably not important; if someone witnessed a corpse transforming to look lively and couldn't figure that the mortician touching it was responsible, that's their problem, not Sorcery's.
The affliction is limited to cadavers as well, so... I'll say about -50% for that accessibility because transforming anyone to look like anyone else loses a lot of utility when limited to corpses.
Altogether, the version of the advantage inflicted on the cadaver is
Cosmetology(-10%): Elastic Skin(Magical, -10%)[18]
The Sorcery spell writeup is as so:

Keywords: Obvious, Leveled
Full Cost: 19 Points for Level 1, 2/lvl for level 3-8, 3 for level 9.
Casting Roll: None
Range: Touch.
Duration:  At level 1, the spell lasts for 3 minutes. Each additional level works as per the extended duration table on Basic Set - Characters p. 105. Level 9 is "permanent." To clarify the cost of each level, it is 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 36.
The caster touches a corpse and imagines the form they would like it to take, it transforms over a period of 10 seconds, and stays that way for the duration, or until someone dispels the magic.
Statistics: Affliction (Sorcery -15%; Accessibility, Cadavers Only, -50%; Advantage, Cosmetology, +180%; Fixed Duration, 3 Minutes, +0%; Melee, Reach C, -30%) [19]

Other Thoughts and Closing

If you want this to be a street legal sorcery, add No Signature for +20%. 

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