Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Sounds interesting and helpful
I'll put this one in the
"maybe" pile.
Wagons GURPSward, friends!

No new blogs, but The Collaborative Gamer is back, which is exciting! What else?

Blogging Up the Joint

Here's another review from GURB about Dungeon Fantasy 19. Ryujin (Is it ok if I call you that?) puts an interesting twist on it, looking at it from a different lens than me, but still seems overall positive. Kinda neat how different people can look at a "diamond" from different angles and appreciate it in different ways. Joseph Linden is telling us to expect some more Temian Fell in the nigh future. Really interested in that. Daniel Dover's been on a bit of a streak posting interesting style stuff that is totally on my frequency. I'm really enjoying Mook's weekly Scattershot feature. And finally, I thought the Mana Buckler on Ravens N' Pennies was pretty cool, and I also like the flavorful (DOHOHOHOHO!) food catalog up there by a guest poster, though the majority of the items are a bit mundane, there are some cool exotic items in the list as well.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

This week has been pretty good traffic wise with consistently good numbers throughout the week. My ratings on the occupational templates in Dungeon Fantasy 1 and the races in Dungeon Fantasy 3, plus my meandering diatribe on secret doors were all pretty popular. Besides that, nothing seems outstandingly out of place.
In the real world, campaign planning looks to be about complete, and I might be starting to have consistent games to recap on the blog. Looks like it'll be a bit RPM, Sorcery, and Imbuement heavy, with some more regard for social engineering, mechanical muscles I have not exercised as much, but I have tooled around with the rules a bit here and there, and look forward to it.
I really wish that the kickstarter would let me push around the awards to other accounts, I have enough of the stuff that is given at the $250 tier that it isn't worth it, but the few pyramid issues I don't have tantalize me... *BUT* if I could put all the duplicate PDFs on a friend's account and keep the few missing links to myself, I'd jump in a heartbeat.


  1. "Ryujin (Is it ok if I call you that?)"

    Just don't call me Surely and I'll be fine :-D

  2. This line excited me: " I might be starting to have consistent games to recap on the blog." Yesss! Cheers! Go this!

    1. I'm more worried than excited, actually.

    2. Oh no! Are you worried about the session failing? Hopefully not: as long as everyone is having a good time, things are going well. And if people aren't having a good time, just introduce more snacks.

      Or are you more worried about the recaps themselves?

      Either way, you have a lot of moral support out here!


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