Saturday, September 24, 2016

Math: Encumbrance - Lifting ST or Dodge and Move?

So, I made a spreadsheet to calculate the costs of either

  1. Buying enough ST/Lifting ST to go down to the desired encumbrance level
  2. Buying enough Move/Dodge/Speed to ignore the penalties.
Altogether, the results are a little disappointingly boring, but there are a few interesting things to learn from the chart, let's take a look.


  • If you set the cost of ST to 3 (eg, because your GM allows you to buy Lifting ST) Far and away, investing in Lifting ST is the winner.
  • Otherwise, at very low encumbrance levels, when say, trying to go from light to none, investing in 10 point ST is cheaper than compensating with a higher dodge and move.
  • On the other hand, at very high levels of encumbrance, interestingly, investing in compensatory dodge and basic speed is the better option.
  • Of course, this spreadsheet ignores typical caps in games, such as how in Dungeon Fantasy, "nominally" you can expect maybe one level of enhanced dodge, and 2.00 levels of extra basic speed (some combatant classes are allowed more.) and most races have a moderately maximum ST, therefore, there is probably no reasonable way to achieve performance "equivalent" to a basic lift of 400 lbs... except with enchanted gear?

In any case, you can look at it here. You can modify the values in the top left black box, and in the green box in the bottom left. It looks like it doesn't load perfectly in google docs, so you might want to download it and play around with it on office locally.

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