Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

New Dungeon Fantasy book
this week.
Yo ho, yo ho, I'm sorry you had to hear that.

What's the Good Word?

No new blogs it looks like, but a healthy helping of posts anyway.
Just Roll 3d6 has a review of one of my favorite alt magic system books. He mostly speaks to the value of the system, rather than the book, but his praise and concerns echo mine. Ravens N' Pennies has an interesting write-up on a special effect that is difficult to emulate for attacks - "chains." Take a look if you ever wanted lightning that bounced from target to target. I like Moe Lane's concept of an axe/mace themed martial arts style, I think it is too oft neglected. I think maybe with the name Batter-Up, Optional skills like Baseball, and off-hand weapon training to throw baseballs might be a quirky interesting addition, Or the ability to use a hard ball as an improvised load for brawling.
Book and Sword has some fascinating thoughts on writing and tablets, looks a bit information dense for me, but it's interesting food for thought nonetheless.
The Collaborative Gamer has collected all the Blog-Or-Treat posts into one place if you wanna look at that.
Generic Universal Eggplant is continuing with the information deluge! That is a ton of stuff!
Finally, Further Up the Spire has a thoughtful retooling of the Ally advantage. I'll need to take a closer look at that later, but it is intriguing.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Backerkit for the Dungeon Fantasy kickstarter has begun. Got most (all?) of the PDF rewards for that, the cardboard heroes are pretty amusing.
The Skeleton template is my most popular post this week, with nothing else capturing a significant amount of traffic.
I've been working on a chat bot for the GURPS Discord channel, like IRC, but different. I have also been working a bit on the GURPS Calculator website, implementing a hiking utility. So, if hiking baffles you, be baffled no more... whenever I get around to finishing it.
GURPS Discworld! It's only a... few days/weeks away!

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