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Powers: (Inspired by) Growlithe

Hey puppy, whatcha doin?
Growlithe, the opposite of Vulpix. It's a dog.


This increases attack power when damaged by "dark" element, which is approximately one college.
Striking ST 2(Only after being struck by a dark attack, -40%)[6]
Turn it into a cumulative reflexive affliction if you want an effect even closer to Pokemon, but much more expensive.

Odor Sleuth

This is basically Foresight with Sense-based, Olfactory. The -20% makes it exactly 1 point cheaper by messing with your ability to hit ghosts if you can't smell them. Additionally, you may also add:
All-Attacks Talent 2 (Magical, -10%, Accessibility, Must be applied towards a deceptive Attack, doesn't Help with parrying, -20%; Sensory, -20%)[15]
To the same affliction that gives +2 to all of your attack skills for the express purpose of applying it as a deceptive attack, this can also be countered if the opponent has some kinda way of masking scent.

Flame Wheel


Does more damage the lower your health is. It's a fighting ability, so I think the easiest way to do this is an innate attack that is a follow-up to a melee unarmed attack.
Crushing Attack 2d(Accessibility, Must be at less than 80% HP,  -10%, Follow-Up, favorite unarmed attack, +0%; Sorcery, -15%)[7.5]
Crushing Attack 3d(Accessibility, Must be at less than 60% HP,  -20%, Follow-Up, favorite unarmed attack, +0%; Sorcery, -15%)[9.75]
Crushing Attack 4d(Accessibility, Must be at less than 40% HP,  -30%, Follow-Up, favorite unarmed attack, +0%; Sorcery, -15%)[11] 
Crushing Attack 5d(Accessibility, Must be at less than 20% HP,  -40%, Follow-Up, favorite unarmed attack, +0%; Sorcery, -15%)[11.25]  
Crushing Attack 6d(Accessibility, Must be at less than 0% HP,  -50%, Follow-Up, favorite unarmed attack, +0%; Sorcery, -15%)[10.5] 

So... We round those all up to 8, 10, 11, 12, and 11. points each. The most expensive is 12, and the others, divided by 5 are 2, 2, 3, and 3, which combine for 10, for a total of 22 points.


Keywords: Obvious
Full Cost: 22 points.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: Unarmed Attack range.
Duration: Immediate
The "caster" makes an unarmed attack, if it successfully does damage, add bonus dice of damage to the attack for each 20% of life the caster is missing, plus 1 more. For example, if the caster is at 50% life, he has lost over 2 x 20% of his hit points, she deals a bonus 2d crushing damage for missing 40%, and one more, for a total of 3d damage. If the caster has injuries totalling less than even 20%, the ability does nothing.
Statistics: See Above.
Notes: This ability already uses several Alternate Abilities in a meta-trait. Mechanically, to use this as a sorcery, the cost to pay is not 1/5 of 22, but 13 which is 1/5 of all the abilities used to sum this ability up. A more lenient way of totalling the abilities, summing and not rounding until the last step yields a cost of 20 points instead, which saves two points if you have a forgiving GM and a tight budget. In this case, for sorcery, the cost of buying the ability as an alt is 11 points.

Fire Fang

This is bite, but also some follow-up fire damage.
Burning Attack 3d (Follow-Up, Biting, +0%)[15]

Take Down

A weaker version of Double Edge.

Flame Burst

Hits one target for full damage, and then does splash damage to everyone near the impact. Sounds like text-book explosive fireball.

Flame Burst

Keywords: Leveled, Missile, Obvious
Full Cost: 9 points/level.
Casting Roll: none, use innate attack.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: Instantaneous
The "caster" lobs an explosive fireball at the opponent. Each level of this advantage causes the ability to do 1d damage. The attack is overhead, so enemy defenses are penalized.
Statistics: Burning Attack 1d (Explosion 1, +50%; Increased 1/2d, +15%; Overhead, +30%; Sorcery, -15%) [9]
Notes: An appropriate maximum might be 3d+2.


Deal doubled damage if a teammate is fainted. In GURPS, I'd do,
Striking ST 8 (Ally must be incapacitated, -10%; Emergencies Only, -30%)[24]
No upper limit.

Heat Wave

A near standard fare fire attack but it does area damage.

Heat Wave

Keywords: Area (Leveled), Obvious
Full Cost: 40 points for level 1. 11.75 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: none, use innate attack.
Range: 100 yards, radius around the target is 2^level yards.
Duration: Instantaneous
The "caster" expels hot breath, burning enemies in the area. Aim and shoot. The area is selective, so friends are safe from hard. This always does 5d-1, but increasing the level increases the size of the area effect. 23.5
Statistics: Burning Attack 5d-1 (Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Increased 1/2d, +15%; Selective Area, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [40]
Notes: A cone might be more appropriate, and innate attack (breath) as well, though sorcery defaults to gazes.


A stronger version of thrash, with the "Dragon" element instead of the "Fighting" element.

Flare Blitz

A fiery explosion at point-blank range, that does recoil damage. Sounds like an explosion but with a Reach, Melee, C modifier.

Flare Blitz

Keywords: LeveledObvious
Full Cost: 5.25 points/level.
Casting Roll: none, use unarmed skill.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: Instantaneous
The "caster" causes such a powerful explosion, he cannot help but hurt himself as well. This does explosive damage against the target that also hurts the user and anyone close by.
Statistics: Burning Attack 1d (Explosion 1, +50%; Melee, Reach C, -30%; Sorcery, -15%) [6]
Notes: An appropriate maximum might be 6d, but that has a dumb rounding problem. Maybe with special exercise, it can reach 8d. In GURPS, this damage might be absorbed if the caster has a bunch of fire sensitive DR. Also consider making the ability a slam follow-up.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Synergy! This post was pretty easy because a lot of these abilities were just variations on existing themes, and because a bunch of the fire themed abilities have already been done. I don't like doing the gradient abilities like Reversal that require statting out a bunch of different versions of an attack... there should be a modifier, "Gradient" that is probably easy to calculate actually with a bit of algebra...

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