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Powers: (Inspired by) Machop

The ribs always worried me.
The fighting pokemon of generation one. Strong guy.


This ability increases attack power if under the influence of a status ailment. This might be:
Striking ST 1(Only While Afflicted with a negative affliction, -40%)[3]
Take up to 4 levels.

No Guard

In Pokemon, this is 100% accuracy against the bearer and anyone the bearer fights. In GURPS, this might be a leveled ability That inflicts on enemies:
Nega-Enhanced Block 1[-5]
Nega-Enhanced Parry 1 [-10]
Nega-Enhanced Dodge 1 [-15]
As a meta-trait, this is -30/level. This is also afflicted in equal measure as a backlash against the bearer.
Affliction 1 (Will; Area Effect, 8 yards, +150%; Aura, +80%; Backlash, Nega-Active Defense, -30%; Disadvantage, Nega-Active Defense 1, +30%; Malediction 1, +100%; Range, Melee, C, -30%)[40]
A funny thing, this ability stays the same cost no matter how high you level it, because the backlash and the inflicted disadvantage increase at the same rate. If you want to be truly defenseless, try something like a level 10 version. This ability is an aura so it does the contest of will automatically with anyone in range, but can be turned off at will. As a special effect, turning off the aura should negate defense penalties for everyone.


In pokemon, this gives a free speed boost every time you inflict flinching on a target. This might be:
Basic Speed +1.00 (Accessibility, Only after an opponent suffers stun, -20%)[16]
 You might need successive versions as well.
Basic Speed +2.00 (Accessibility, Only after afflicting stun twice within one minute, -30%)[31] 
Basic Speed +3.00 (Accessibility, Only after afflicting stun thrice within one minute, -40%)[36]  
If you take those altogether, the most expensive is 36, and the other two as alternate abilities are 7 and 4, for a total of 47 points.

Low Sweep

This has a chance of lowering an opponent's speed by hitting their legs. This is the straight mechanical effect of levelling a crippling wound on an opponent's leg or foot in GURPS.


This does extra damage if the opponent has already damaged the bearer this turn, it also forces the user to go after a designated target. In GURPS, this is follow-up bonus damage that requires both an injury in the same turn, and a wait maneuver.
Crushing Attack 3d (Accessibility, Must Wait, -5%; Accessibility, Must have incurred an injury this turn from the target of the attack, -20%; Follow-Up, Cosmic, +50%)[19]
If you are hit by the target, and then successfully return damage with any move, this ability does an extra 3d crushing damage.

Knock Off

This is a move that disarms an opponent and does damage. GURPS has disarming already, but you might want to take this to mean a license to buy up the disarming technique, and targeted attack techniques for the purpose of disarming.
Crushing Attack 3d+1(Follow-Up, Successful Disarm, +0%)[17]

Vital Throw

Vital throw has high accuracy, and goes after all other opponents. In GURPS, this could be modeled as taking several evaluate maneuvers before executing a Judo throw.

Dual Chop

This is a two hit attack attack. You can either use a combination attack of two Exotic Hand Strikes, or just Extra Attack(Exotic Hand Strike only, -20%)[22]. Also, Maybe Dual-Weapon Attack (Exotic Hand Strike).


Mechanically, this is an attack that does recoil damage in pokemon, so follow the formula for Double-Edge if you like that. The name submission is a bit misleading, but following the flavor text, this might also be an application of the Flying Lunge technique, from p.83 of Martial Arts.

Bulk Up

This increases the user's attack and defense in pokemon. In GURPS that means Striking ST and Damage Resistance.
If every level gives:
Striking ST 2(Magic, -10%)[9]
Damage Resistance 2(Magic, -10%)[9]
for a total of 18 points, it might look like:

Bulk Up

Keywords: Buff, Leveled

Full Cost: 29 points for level 1. 18 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: None, roll innate attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" secretly boosts the attack and defensive power of the target for 3 minutes. For each level, this grants 2 Striking ST and 2 DR.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Will; Advantage, ST2 and 2DR, +180%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [29]

Scary Face

In pokemon, this lowers the opponent's speed greatly. This could be more abstractly understood as the intimidation skill in GURPS. Otherwise, this is a simple malediction that lowers an opponent's speed.

Dynamic Punch

This is a powerful attack that confuses an opponent, but is inaccurate. Boring, but I'll say this is basically a punch targeted at any of the head locations, which decrease the accuracy dramatically and mess someone up pretty badly. You could then combine it with
Affliction 1(Accessibility, Punch must be to a head location, -10%; Follow Up, Punches, +0%; Incapacitation, Daze, +50%)[14]

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

I like Sorcery's way of formatting abilities, but really "Chi" is the du jour power source for fighter types, so maybe a type of meta trait that is "Chi + Requires 1 FP" would be better than Sorcery? That said, probably all of the innate attacks and abilities could be based on Chi instead of Magic. For better or for worse though, a universe with multiple power sources is more difficult to have a hand that trumps all.

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