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Encounter: (Inspired by Castlevania's) Succubus

Just like in my animes.
So GURPS has a Succubus, and that's fine. You can find it on p.66 of GURPS Horror. But, trying to think of something love themed (or the perversion thereof) and coming up blank, I decided to stat up a monster from a game series I like. No particular CER goals, let's just see where we can go with this.

Plotting it out

First, let's see what are its specialties:
  1. It can enamor male characters.
  2. It can fly
  3. It has no armor, but a very good dodge reflex.
  4. She can copy herself several times
  5. She can elongate bones to attack at a long distance.
  6. She can daze enemies with a magical deluge of petals.
  7. She excels at trickery.
So that's that. As a Dungeon Fantasy monster, it would obviously be classed as a demon. Let's see what we can take away from that. Starting with super high dodge from a Dungeon Fantasy perspective makes me think 15; players will need to mitigate that with deceptive strikes and feints. She's not especially resilient, so nothing to put down there. Her expertise is guile and charm so her will and HT are probably very high. Let's take a gander so far.

Attack Skill0Active Defense14
Affliction0Damage Resistance4
Fatigue Points4Hit Points0
Total Offensive Rating (OR)4Total Protective Rating (PR)37

So basically being nigh unapproachable, and being very good at negotiation starts her off with a very good PR. Let's move on to attack skills. The enamor, mechanically is most close to ecstasy, and the petal deluge is a daze. ecstasy, being the most severe affliction informs the affliction score. Although she has high dodge, she doesn't actually move very fast (except, to dodge.) So that's that. Her wings stretch and do a moderate amount of damage. Let's see what all that looks like.

Attack Skill15Active Defense14
Affliction20Damage Resistance4
Fatigue Points4Hit Points0
Total Offensive Rating (OR)45Total Protective Rating (PR)37

So, altogether, this becomes a CER 82 monster, pretty strong for a starting DF character but not a boss, let's put that together.

ST: 10HP: 10Speed: 6
DX: 10Will: 16Move: G6A6
IQ: 13Per: 13
HT: 14FP: 14SM: +0
Dodge: 15Parry: 10DR: 0
Wings (12): Reach C-5, 2d crushing. The wings incur a -2 to active defenses the first time they attack beyond a range of 1.
Infatuate (14): Range 10, Acc 3. Only works on those attracted to the feminine.  If this hits, and the target fails an active defense, roll a quick contest of  Sex Appeal-18 versus the defender's will. Failure incurs ecstasy for margin of failure minutes on the target.
Petal Storm : Range 4 yard emanation: Everyone within range rolls HT to resist, or becomes dazed. If for whatever reason they are sealed or cannot smell, a target is immune.
Traits: 360 degree vision, Allure 4, Appearance(Very Beautiful), Combat Reflexes, Crushing Striker (Wings, Long 5, Overhead, once per opponent), Doesn't Eat, Enhanced Dodge 4, Flight, Indomitable, Injury Tolerance (Unliving), Striking ST 7 (wings only)
Skills: Brawling-14, Erotic Art-17, Innate Attack-14, Sex Appeal-18
Class: Demon
Allure is a talent that grants bonuses to sex appeal and erotic art among other skills. Any of the traits on the Succubus from p.66 of GURPS Horror are also good matches. If you want to use her Duplication ability, look at the basic set rules for the Duplication advantage on p.50, but with the following modifications; No Sympathetic injury, as per the enhancement, and she can create multiple duplicates. The Duplicates never remerge, so don't worry about the averaging and such rules. Instead, she can create up to 4 duplicates at once with 1 HP, 10 Dodge and Fragile (unnatural). For those of you keeping score at home, the duplicate has 21 less CER, for a total of 61. That is, one Succubus controlling all of her shadows has an aggregate CER of 326. What's more, if the real succubus escapes, she can create more duplicates (she cannot execute the duplication trick more than once per "combat.")
Of course, an Incubus form for characters that have a masculine preference is easy enough; just switch gender preference related abilities. One Incubus and Succubus pair can be a TPK if not careful, but they are willing to negotiate being more intelligent demons; of course, the types of negotiations that one can do with a succubus usually amount to a deal with the devil, so who's to say if that is really much better?

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  1. I miss Castlevania... Why Konami, why >.>

    Hope that Bloodstain lives up to the hype.


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