Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Recap: Void Ventures - Session 2

This guy wins the battle.
The ceiling attacks us.


  • Emperor Point - A Mechasaurus Rex!
  • IvanovotMk 64 - A robot with a brain!
  • Jezebel - (Me) a catgirl swashbuckler!


 We continue from the computer we found into a swarm of enemies. This isn't a difficult fight for us, but I still don't get to eat anything without getting hurt. When I bite the tasty looking dead bugs the monster teleports and blasts me for damage. Not cool! We clean them up and the walls disappear and we are surrounded by tons of bad guys. I get to the periphery, and everyone fights hard cleaning up the enemies.
 That's when it suddenly becomes apparent the ceiling is attacking us, and tons of exploding balls are thrown at us. I super jump to the ceiling and am attacked from all sides by a ton of attacks, using a lot of feverish defenses and 360 vision, I am mostly unscathed dodging all but 2 of 10 attacks. I realize that there is a color coding pattern using my big brain power, and relay it to my dino buddy, who uses his big muscle power, and grabs the right exploding ball, and throws it back at the ceiling, blowing up the hive of decidedly unappetizing bubbles.
What's this?

After Action Report

  • I took a few hits, but I'm having a difficult time understanding how injured I am because I don't know if it'll recover easily or not.
  • In the same vein, I thought the campaign was supposed to be a bit 
  • of a horror thing, and besides fighting ridiculously large swarms of monsters, and having no sense of mortality, its hard to get that feeling.
  • 360 vision and flexible arms is great.
  • I think I want to spend points on fast-draw (pistol) and quick sheathe pistol and quick sheathe sword, and the reliable fast draw perks for both as well. I don't use the gun very often, so doubling up on parries might be more beneficial, and being able to swap out a pistol easily and reliably, or swap it in all the same could be a big boon.

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