Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pseudobot: Fright Checks

My GURPS discord bot now does fright checks. This includes awe and confusion checks. If you use discord for GURPS and want a bot that does a lot of things for you, you can follow this link.


If you want the bot to do cool different things, maybe I should start a patreon and get rich begging on the blog?


  1. What's the underlying tech that you need to hack to make bots for Discord?

    1. It's not astoundingly difficult. There are a lot of libs that do most of the down and dirty for you, but I think it is, at the lowest level, simple REST and Json. I use an official .Net API that abstracts it away though.
      This is the main page for grepping the API:
      Using that, you can practically build a bot in any language, but I also strongly suggest you check out the libraries section there which has support for around 10 different languages so you don't have to hack around with building Json and HTTP responses yourself, unless that is what you like to do.

    2. It's what I do for a living so the less I have to do of it in my hobby development the better!

      I'll bookmark that API doc for later - I've got a week of bachelorhood end of the month when the wife goes out of town to visit girlfriends, so that seems like a good time to dip my toes in the pool.

  2. But the real question is why, why was Pseudobot programmed to feel pain? :D


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