Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pseudobot: Updating Libs and Documentation!

I've hit the first Patreon goal! Thanks for the support everyone. I'll be updating the built-in documentation for all the functions in Pseudobot to be completely up to date. And as an extra handicap, the Discord.net libs (in non-programmer speak, the tools that make it easier to write the discord bot functionality) have been updated in a way that breaks a lot of functionality, but admittedly, is much better than before. In closing, I leave a screenshot of a working, but very ugly pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha version of the GURPS Mass Combat Calculator. Don't tell me the screen can be arranged better or that some buttons are too big, or that there is too much white space here or there; I know, and I am not working on the UI right now. I'm just trying to get all the rules working well enough first, then I can make it look nice.

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