Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pseudobot: New Explosion Calculator Function

Screenshot! So much text! But also, if my math is correct, that's
29 dice rolls resolved nigh instantaneously!
Nah, it's not the same thing as the GURPS Calculator demolition calculator. This is a tool for quickly rolling the results of explosion and shrapnel damage to several potential targets in one, hopefully easy to use command. It accepts arguments to adjust what level of the explosion enhancement is used, so for example if the damage dissipates at a divisor of 1 x yards in distance away from the blast like an Explosion 3 attack, you can do that. It also does the random hit locations for shrapnel automatically, but assumes a bipedal human-like character. Have fun!


  1. IS the # to
    the drop and doge roll that is required for it to miss?

    1. Well, dodge and drop can move you out 1 yard from the explosion, increasing the explosion denominator by 3/2/1 etc, doing less damage, and if one gets a high enough margin of success on the same dodge, they also avoid 1 or more, and potentially all shrapnel hits.


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