Friday, August 18, 2017

Review: Dungeon Fantasy RPG Cardboard Heroes

This is somewhat of a mini-review, but I thought I might warm myself up to what might be a lot of writing in the next few days as I try to write up some reviews for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG PDFs that are so brand spanking new, they aren't even being sold yet in Warehouse 23.
Unfortunately, this will probably be my toughest review, as well.
First, to start off on a good note, the art is good. There is an interesting mixture of old and new elements, and although I didn't look very closely, I think some, but not the majority are copies from earlier iterations of Cardboard Heroes. The newer assets are somewhat obvious with a more cell-shaded style than the legacy art. There is a good variety of figure art, over 100 elements, each with either a front and back for the standard SM-1 or larger pieces, or a top and bottom for the smaller pieces like rats or floor elements.
Now, here's my complaint, and I'm going to maybe sound pedantic, but this is kinda important to me. Take a look to the left. What color does that look like? Would you believe me if I told you that is the color white, and not some modern art pastel quilt?
The compression is
readily visible
without zooming in.
That's how badly compressed the art assets are. The same is true of most of the old Cardboard Heroes releases as well. For something that is meant to be taken to a printshop and printed on stiff glossy card stock, it seems weird to release something that isn't print-ready.
For a more representative picture of how much compression is in this image, look to the right at a hastily blurred and blotted out image. The art behind my red fill paint bucket and smudge tool, I assure you, is fine stuff. But the shimmery vampire sparkles around it irk me. I don't know if it is a matter of being preview material or not, but I hope that the actual printed material in the boxed set isn't as affected and/or that a higher quality PDF is just around the corner.

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