Saturday, September 2, 2017

Patreon and Pseudobot: More Reaction Tables

I added some of the Social Engineering tables to Pseudobot, so you can roll against a buncha tables without pulling out the books. When rolling against one of those tables, I hide the actual reaction result to hopefully make it more difficult to reverse engineer the tables, but if you absolutely must have the reaction and the result, feel free to roll on the normal reaction table and then look it up for yourself.
In terms of Patreon, I am getting closer to the possibility of getting some web hosting for Pseudobot. I've been tinkering with some C# -> Javascript "Compilers" to see if I could get Pseudobot to run natively in Roll20 which doesn't allow AJAX or SOAP services, but the one big annoyance is that the index database and the GCS files would be inaccessible anyway, and that's one of the killer apps of Pseudobot. Maybe I can think about getting those features integrated into GURPS Calculator if I can't easily get some web hosting for a web version of Pseudobot.
The GURPS game I'm running is taking a lot of cycles, but we are close to the end of "Chapter 1" so to speak in that campaign, so we will take a hiatus for some more casual RPGs and board games for a bit, at which point, I might be able to make some final strides to a releasable Mass Combat Calculator alpha.

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