Friday, January 5, 2018

Last Gasp: Cheat Sheet

I created a couple of cheat sheets to help with Last Gasp. After looking at the system a lot recently, I think it is a lot less difficult than it appears at first blush because the critical information is spread over so many pages. These cheat sheets I hope make it easier.

I hope this is helpful for anyone else.

What Is The Last Gasp?

Someone asked this, and maybe I made a big assumption that everyone knows what this is or can easily find the information, so let me clarify. The Last Gasp is an article in Pyramid #3/44 that basically consists of two sets of optional mechanics that can either work individually, or combined for a synergistic effect. The Long Term Fatigue system is meant to make FP expenditure and recovery more painful, and is helpful for people that think it's weird that a PC can work herself to the brink of physical harm, but be absolutely at 100% with a 100 minute break. The second system, Short Term Fatigue creates a deeper action economy in combat so that players can't run 10 miles/hour every turn, swinging 5 lbs swords non-stop until all the enemies are dead, and makes both sides need to either take things slow or occasionally pause for breathers.


  1. This couldn't have been more fortuitous for me. I'd actually just started doing something similar for a game I'm planning and these mean I don't need to! So thanks for that! :-)


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