Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

I stopped doing these weekly because I've been only posting once or twice a week, so here's a kinda month-wide metapost.

The Blogs

First, a friend started a blog this month, so that's something pretty exciting. The posts are somewhat sparse, but considerably well thought out, and if not immediately applicable, at least they are fun food for thought.
There's an interesting post on writing GURPS adventures. I have a lot of speculation on the topic, but no hard and fast tested methods. I feel that writing an adventure for your own group versus for the consumption of someone else has a bunch of different challenges and advantages, but this guy has some first hand experience.
Thoughts on the thief in Dungeon Fantasy are always interesting to me, so I was looking forward to this read. It feels like it should be a fun class to play, but it falls on its face a lot in my games, and it's not always or only the player's fault or a problem of the build. I think maybe a guide on making dungeons that better accommodate a thief could be interesting. I often fall back on the crutch of "just throw more monsters at the party, fighting means they are having fun!" But the thief doing cool things outside of battle is also fun. I should think about that more myself.
Special mention of Eggplant's disease post. Having a good catalog of these would be super useful.

This Blog

Traffic has been low, but level. Predictably, my review posts are pretty popular. The one for the new pyramid is really popular; maybe the obvious conclusion is that reviews for very new material are more helpful than reviews for material that is old enough to already have a reputation and is pretty much at the point where everyone that wants it already has it. Interestingly, in the top 3 posts, is a post from almost two years ago. What staying power. In fact, 6 of the top ten are from 2016. Interesting. I was in a slightly better mood back then, so maybe that made a difference.


Pseudobot has seen little to no changes this month, but has finally hit the milestone of being used in over 100 servers simultaneously. Cool!
Interesting coincidence, someone asked about whether or not Pseudobot's functionality is accessible outside of Discord. The answer: I'm working on it. I've started working on a REST interface for most of the capabilities provided by pseudobot. As of the moment, the one easy one to play with is the index lookup. Try searching for the word butt by going here. Some bits require a bit more refactoring than others, but I'll get to it eventually whenever inspiration or initiative seizes me.
As for other website functionality. I have my hostname and I have SSL working. I need to figure out a good scheme for allowing account logins, and then I can begin some real serious work on the webpage for new features that wouldn't be suitable for a discord bot, either because the command based interface is too simple, or because I need some more complex state management that would be more cumbersome in a bot.


Life is annoying right now. Work is busy. Lots of decent gaming going on. I need to fix my GPU because it's too expensive to buy a new one. It keeps overheating. Gonna tear the sucker all the way apart and reapply thermal pads and paste tomorrow as a last ditch effort before I surrender completely.

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