Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

My character is ready
Let's look at the last month of GURPS.

Those Blogs

Let's see what happened in April that I thought was interesting.

  • Caverntown, a book for Dungeon Fantasy came out. I was a little skeptical about it after Dungeon Fantasy RPG, but it is pretty good food for thought.
  • Really thoughtful advice on playing with templates to fit a race from Archon Shiva.
  • Some interesting diseases from Enraged Eggplant The series continues on his blog for a while. It's a novel thing; not a lot of people devote time to creative illnesses.
  • Selling Priceless Items. It's an interesting attack on an interesting problem I've thought about before, but had no good ideas. The post doesn't feel like it has a lot of hard mechanical substance for it, but it does have a lot of interesting points to ruminate on.
  • Five Easy Pieces. I think it's interesting to hear a very different take on this article, and that's a testament to GURPS accommodating players of all walks. I didn't like Five Easy Pieces at all, and much much much prefer Pointless Slaying and Looting, but I like reading well written posts that run contrary to my opinions.
  • Geek Gab Game Night. Haven't listened to it yet, but I look forward to doing so eventually. A Podcast with Kromm and Douglas Cole.
  • Relational Mapping. An interesting tool, I have trouble thinking at this layer of abstraction between mile high and knee high to a grasshopper. I dunno how helpful it is, but I could definitely imagine it being useful.

This Blog

This month, I've added a handful of small niceties to Pseudobot, small improvements, a few utilities for problems I've had recently, and even a "it needs to be done to prove it can be done" random character roller. I think I need to get myself firing on the right cylinders to get my actual website running. I keep hesitating and making excuses, but there are a lot of cool things Pseudobot can do, and a lot of people that play GURPS and don't want to deal with Discord. I just gotta force myself to make the web app and web services no matter how cruddy and ugly the UI might be at first... I can always make it look better in an act 2, and sometimes having an ugly working thing in front of me makes it easier to see where I should go next than imagining a near perfect thing that doesn't exist.

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