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Campaign Planning - Dungeon Fantasy War

Probably using this?
My other campaign did not get off the runway after a few weeks. That's fine. I can put it in my back pocket for later, maybe polish it up a bit more and recycle it. So let's try something a bit less niche. A combination of Dungeon Fantasy sensitivities and Mass Combat experimentation. I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a flop as well, but ah well.

Outline Version 1

  • Campaign Prospectus
    • Campaign Name - Dungeons and Unification
    • GM - Myself
    • Creation Date - 10/11/2018
    • Genre - 2 parts Dungeon Fantasy, 1 part Empire Building
    • Tech Level - Dungeon Fantasy Pseudo TL3/4^
    • TL Exceptions - None in particular
    • Power Level - Cinematic and some supernatural powers.
    • Campaign Synopsis and Recent Events
      • Players will decide a single mutual culture to belong to in a session 0 of sorts; this will be a fantasy race monoculture and all players (Unless a good case is made and an unusual background is paid for) will take a racial template from a similar theme. Examples might be all undead; all beastmen; all amphibious maritime types; all fey; the notable exclusions for story purposes are humanity and devils.
      • Recently, as in, a few hundred years ago, humanity has succeeded at a full scale genocidal war against Hell, and eradicated demonkind from the face of existence. The next century or two has been relatively peaceful until even more recent times, let's say decades, when overpopulation and dwindling resources has set some of the ruling families on the continent on edge. This uneasiness is exacerbated by Humanity's recent nationalism and heralding of Manifest Destiny; that it is their duty to manage the entire continent for the sake of everyone's lives.
      • Players now have a few obvious choices on how to proceed. They might try to engage in a large scale military conflict to protect the homestead; they might attempt to immigrate and start a new colony away from threats of war, but surrounded by brutal wilderness. Maybe they will think of a third option. If I can get a grasp of what the players think would be the most interesting approach, I can better prepare for those eventualities.
    • Timeline of Significant Historical Events
      • This will be fleshed out a bit after session 0. After a few fundamentals are determined, I'll see to putting together a coherent history that will best facilitate fun having in my opinion
    • Currency - I don't like dealing with currency, but if necessary, I'll stick with the default DF/DFRPG weights, values, and denominations. If it occurs that it can actually make the game any more interesting, at a later time, I might establish foreign currencies.
    • Precious Metals - At this tech level, most money is coinage and made of metal.
    • Paper Money/E-Money - Probably not/Absolutely not.
    • Slavery Legal - Probably, in  the form of indentured servitude, or in penitence for crime.
  • Major Nations
    • This will need to be developed further after session 0. The only obvious nation is the one belonging to Humanity; if I get some players rounded up, I'll start figuring out the nitty gritty.
  • Other Planes of Existence -
    • Heaven, a pleasant place presumably full of good deities and their servitors. The ultimate reward of good people and heroes probably.
    • Hell, a dreadful place presumably full of demons and their servitors. The ultimate reward of wicked people and villains probably.
  • Rules
    • Books
      • Dungeon Fantasy - Pretty much all are on the table, except Dungeon Fantasy 19.
      • City Stats, Boardroom and Curia - Good for giving mechanical teeth to governmental bodies. Probably not important for players.
      • Mass Combat - To help resolve large conflicts between large armies. Players interested in putzing around with logistics or achieving high political rank might find it useful. For other players, it might be out of the relevant scope.
      • Low-Tech for appropriate mundane equipment
      • Fantasy-Tech 1 and 2 for fantastic equipment
      • Low Tech Companion 2 - Rules for armor damage
    • Optional Rules
      • The Broken Blade, Pyramid #3/87, p.4
      • Basic Set
        • Bleeding, Accumulated Wounds, Last Wounds, B420
      • Martial Arts
        • Committed Attack, p.99
        • Defensive Attack, p.100
        • Extra Effort Options, p.131
    • Starting Points - Players should have enough points to buy a professional template from the Dungeon Fantasy line, and a racial template. Some discretionary points will be given besides. I am thinking this will put entry level characters around 300 to 350.
    • Disadvantage Limit - Unlimited, but of course, your disadvantage selection must go through me. Buying the requisite -50 in disadvantages on the professional template is a must, but disadvantages can come from any source, and disadvantages can be bought off with discretionary points.
    • Suggested Character Concepts - Anyone that would be useful in regimented combat against and alongside several supernatural elements. Dungeon Delving is probably a slightly downplayed skill set, but being able to perform clandestine operations might be important. Social skills might be useful.
    • Racial Templates - Racial templates will be decided after or during session 0. Those in Banestorm or Dungeon Fantasy 3 might be helpful baselines to understand what might be appropriate. Using a slightly out of alignment race requires a 20 point unusual background. A typically inappropriate racial template requires a 50 point unusual background. All Unusual backgrounds require a very good justification in writing approved by me.
    • Attribute Maxima/Minima
      • This will also be determined later. Typical ranges of attributes are 60% to 200% of racial average.
    • Secondary Characteristic Maxima/Minima
      • To be determined later. Typical ranges for HP and FP are 70%-130% of ST or HT respectively. Basic speed is typically +/- 2.00. Basic Move is +/- 3.
    • Social Traits
      • Low TL - Possibly depending on racial template
      • High TL - Probably not.
      • Status Levels - Typically, at a minimum status -1 to 3 will be possible. Much larger and much smaller nations might facilitate different bands.
      • Cultures - Not completely determined, but one culture typically encompasses a few nations with similar customs and ways of life. Some examples of what might be available include:
        • Civil - People that build large cities with tremendous social and political infrastructures. Typically look at other cultures as savage or undignified. Examples would be Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings
        • Nomadic - Those tribes that don't put down roots in any one specific location, they are in touch with the ebb and flow of natural patterns like migrations and the changing of seasons. Typically think of other cultures as out of touch with reality due to the abstractions of big cities or myopic view of the world squatting in caves. Examples might include beast men and goblins.
      • Languages - As per culture
      • PC Starting Wealth - Players start with normal wealth for Dungeon Fantasy, but the 20/80 rule is probably in effect because most PCs will not be free agent dungeon delvers for hire going any which way the wind blows. This means an average wealth PC will have $200 available, but all sundries and accoutrements are taken care of for them. 
    • Advantages/Disadvantages as would be appropriate in a Dungeon Fantasy campaign and a Mass Combat campaign.
    • Appropriate Contacts/Contact Groups/Patrons/Enemies - These need to be determined, but for the most part, sensible compelling social advantages are permitted.
    • Special Skills/Magic/Psionics - The default magic system from GURPS Magic is allowed through the standard Dungeon Fantasy templates that allow them. Power based abilities are allowed also through appropriate professional templates; this includes templates from Pyramid issues like the Saint and Sorcerer.
    • Jobs - most players will belong to the military, but other jobs, provided a compelling reason is given, might be available.
    • Common Equipment
      • Low-Tech is the preferred first stop for equipment
      • Fighting equipment is provided to members of the military. At status 0, the standard issue is cheap body armor (not sure how much DR) that covers the entire body below the neck and a cheap weapon of all your relevant skills. Players may buy better quality equipment at their discretion.
      • The party will get, as per Dungeon Fantasy 15, 1 regular quality personal kit per each member, and 1 group kit (or more for an appropriately large party) for the entire group.
      • These tools for your job will be replaced if damaged, provided they were not being misused.


No, there is none yet, I don't think. The conclusion will not be ready for a long time. Will this document leave me prepared, and guide prospective players to ask the right questions? That's when I'll have a conclusion.

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  1. This sounds like an awesome game idea. I need to move near a good GURPS GM. :)


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