Thursday, November 1, 2018

Perk: Quick (Action)

This is a short post, because I need to post something, but today is busy. Basically, extrapolating from the Fast-Draw skill and the Quick Reload perk, perhaps anything that is only almost too long for combat that is represented as a series of ready maneuvers can be reduced in time.

  1. Determine the series of ready actions that needs to be done quickly, this needs to be somewhat specific, similar in scope to an instance of Fast-Draw†. Make a DX/E skill based off of that. 
  2. After this, take Quick Action† perks as per the application of Quick Draw (Muzzleloader), which is described probably in many places, but for reference, check out Gun-Fu p. 21.
I think this is a pretty simple cinematic stop gap for a weird question I've seen come up a lot, "how can my character do this annoyingly slow thing that is performed as a series of ready maneuvers without a controlling skill in a fast way?" It might be a little powerful if unchecked, but there are rules for controlling how many perks a character can have if that is a concern for a GM.


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