Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Treasure: Master's Ring

In-Game Art.
A ring made of straw rope. Damage from direct hits increases while damage from all other attacks decreases.A ring from a faraway land known for its swordsmithing. Said to be imbued with a distinct spell
I'm having a bit of writer's block today, but I'd still like to put up an article, so here is something real easy, The Master's Ring from Demon's Souls.

First off, the Master's Ring basically makes us slightly stronger if we strike true, but weaker otherwise, this is a striking strength plus with accessibility that gives us a temporary disadvantage of striking strength minus with accessibility. Putting this together we have:

Master's Ring (-28%): Striking ST 2 (Mana Sensitive, -10%; Accessibility, Only when hitting a weak point, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage, Striking ST -2 When Striking Anything But a weakpoint, -8%;) [8]
This ring's ability altogether is 7.2 points, and that makes 5 Enchantment Points. The metatronic generation version will cost 3 points all together.
In metatronics, this device will cost $900.00 and require a special skill to use it. In Sorcery enchantment, this ring will require $30.00 in raw materials, $1,600.00 in labor, and anyone can use it for one minute if they expend 1 FP.

Other Notes

The original game mechanic was to allow extra damage only when using a technical weapon well. This could alternatively be interpreted as a version of the ring that requires deceptive strikes, or evaluate maneuvers to get extra damage, and a penalty otherwise. Or it could give the advantage only if the attack roll has a big enough margin of success (or if the active defense has a big enough margin of failure) and the penalty otherwise.
The limitation discount might seem somewhat stingy, but I made it small with the reasoning that the type of user who would like this ring is probably the type of person who has mastered targeted attack techniques for the skull, neck, and/or vitals, and is probably using them very often. If we went with a higher estimated value of -30% for the advantage accessibility and a -5% for the temporary disadvantage, we might get a -49% total modifier, giving us the disappointing cost of 5.1 points, or 6 points. This would make the ring cost $600.00 as a metatronic generator, or have a combined raw material and labor cost of $1,310.00 for a sorcerous version that requires 4 Enchantment Points.

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