Sunday, January 17, 2016

Treasure: Ring Of The Evil Eye

Not that evil, I guess?
According to legend, this ring contains the spirit of the evil eye, a dark beast which assaulted Astora.
The strength of the evil eye does not waver, and HP is absorbed from fallen enemies.

Having some writer's block and reading through the Ryuutama RPG rules, so here is something from my backlog. This ring absorbs a small amount of life on every lethal blow against a target.

Ring Of The Evil Eye Enchantment (+90%): Leech 3 (Follow-Up, Cosmic, Follows up any attack, +100%; Accessibility, Attack must be lethal, -20%; Magical, -10%; Reduced Time 1, Instant, +20%) [63]
This is a 62.7 point ability that recovers one HP after every lethal attack. This is worth 41 EP. The raw material to make the ring is $700, and the enchantment is an additional $13,120 in labor. At retail, a ring like this is typically $27,640.00 in TL3. A version that can recover 3 HP would be 47 EP, and cost $32,080.00.

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