Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Out like a lamb! Oh, and here are
some sheep people.
Time for a GURPS booster, what happened this week?

How many new blogs are there? None!

Bliggity Bloogity Blog

What's interesting this week? Just Roll 3d6 did a thing on combat damage that sparked a big conversation. I personally hate the idea of turning off wounding modifiers and shock penalties, but it's good advice that even the venerable How to be a GURPS GM recommends for the fastest playing. Different strokes for different folks!
Game in the Brain is tooling around with an idea for a new alternate magic system with the design goals of making it simple but effective. I'm interested to see where that goes.
Nothing in particular stands out, but Northport in general has been interesting casual reading, and I've been doing some recapping on The Collaborative Gamer's automatic tables, trying to find the pieces I like. Gaming Ballistic has been doing some reviews of the action series as well, which has suddenly become relevant and interesting to me, so I'll have to go over them.
I also really like the meta Easter Egg Hunt on Further Up the Spire. Thought of giving out in-campaign rewards for meta activities like keeping journals, doing artwork, and reading setting backgrounds, but never got any bites.
Southern Style GURPS also had a bunch of interesting meta-discussion this week. I was more a fly on the wall, but it was enjoyable.

Self Reflection

I just barely got more hits this month than last month, but more is more! The Martial Arts Style was a pretty popular post. I think my favorite this week was the deconstruction of random encounter tables. It is still a small piece of something bigger, but it feels like a breakthrough to me, compared to the crash and burn attempt from last week. I enjoyed writing the racial template a lot as well, but that one seemed a little unpopular. Maybe people don't like that type of kobold? But I didn't want it to be "Lizardfolk, but with SM-1," so I feel like I at least accomplished that.
Hearing good stuff about this.
Didn't do any Natural Encyclopedia CER posts this week, I guess I just had some more interesting ideas this time and wasn't so blocked up.
I think I'm getting really close to the zone on the Five Room Dungeon formula now. I feel like when I get the abstraction level right, I might want to try creating maps to go along with it, but then I need to learn how to draw or use map making software? Ah well.
Only sharing posts to the GURPS group on Google+ now because my posts were getting flagged as spam otherwise. Probably better anyways. Spent a whole week posting to the official GURPS forums, and that seemed to help a bit.
Also, Anyone who uses Blogger and the reactions feature: is there a way to aggregate that data in a way that doesn't require me literally looking at each post manually? It seems like a cool idea, but also a little unwieldy for a blog that doesn't get thousands of hits a day.
Oh, also, new Pyramid out this week! I bought it immediately!

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