Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

What's new this week?

Well, no new blogs this week, but we had our first posts in a long time from Fragments of the Last War, so that's cool! Also, noticed that RogerBW's blog is updating, but my feed reader is saying the last post was months ago? Weird.

So What Happened Everywhere?

I am enjoying reading Ironemblem's creation of a dungeon crawl adventure, it's a bit lower powered than Dungeon Fantasy, but it could be worked to fit somehow. Dungeon Fantastic had two interesting pieces, negotiations and the other just a bit of a editorial on video game terms. I didn't have anything useful to contribute to that conversation, but on a slightly similar tangent, I did not like when a previous player complained that GURPS was not similar enough to Skyrim. Wanna play Skyrim? Play Skyrim!
I liked some of the ideas toyed with on Game in the Brain here even though I don't really like narrative systems much. I have a somewhat meta GM style though as I might have stated before. Nothing happens unless my players tell me what they want to happen, which is why it is really important to tell me your aspirations for your character, almost even more important than your character backstory. Huh, bit of a eureka moment, I feel like I should write about that.
I also liked Chris Bower's post on disease in magic settings. Frankly, what's written isn't 100% useful to me and my circumstances, but it is a bit thought provoking to consider how to make mundane problems into real plot grist in a magical fairy land, where technically, the cure for most diseases are a few FP away.
I keep swearing up and down I am going to read Collaborative Gamer's Solo random adventure one of these days, next time I get a hankering for game logs I guess?

Self Reflection

Traffic was unusually good this week without unusual spikes and falls that have been happening for a while.
The How to Be a GURPS GM review was my most popular post this week. People like my reviews I guess! My super boring plain thugs tuned to CER 20 article was also pretty popular. It is some nice foundation to work with to create some slightly varied enemies, but meant to be built up with some racial templates to make them truly interesting. I think, as a handy reference, I might make a CER table that shows the power levels of each of the Dungeon Fantasy 3 templates applied to them.
Dark Souls 3 came out this week, and work has been a bit busy! Im being pulled in each and every direction!
My players have been giving me some decent food for thought that is making it easier to come up with blog posts. I haven't had to resort to the busy work project at all this week... I think?
Started cross-posting to tumblr. Not much happening there, but I needed to make an account to be able to commiserate with the GURPS blogs that are popping up over there now. It's not as big a presence as the Blogger community yet, but maybe those guys'll change it?

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