Friday, May 20, 2016

CER: Howling Tunnels Characters

A map?!
So, Ironemblem has a tumblr account where he's put together stats for a bunch of monsters. I like the monsters, but I also really like CER so I can gauge monster strength at a glance. So I asked, and he said it was fine to figure out the CER values for his monsters, so here you go.

Standard Kobold4-22
Kobold Soldier10111
Kobold Priest37-235
Fungal Shambler505
Howling Beast342054
Animated Statue6814
Gold Wraith11-161
Fungal Toad45550
Tunnel Mite5-121

Thoughts and Closing

  • The Fungal Shambler could probably stand to have homogenous and injury tolerance (No blood, vitals, brain) That'd increase its defense a lot.
  • I think its interesting that monsters vary wildly by power level, about three are decent challenges for even a solo powerful starting Dungeon Fantasy character, but I think some of the offensive capability is inflated by giving disastrous afflictions... but with a 1 second time. Probably should change a lot of 1 second "Paralysis" to "stun" for example.
  • I think the animated statue should have some DR, just saying.
  • I think the gold wraith's fragility is misleading, but it might benefit from having at least 10 HP and some diffuse injury tolerance.
  • Fungal Shambler's attack is a bit confusing, it does "2d damage." What type of damage?
The following source posts were used:

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