Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Wowie Kapowie! The weekly blogroll! Let's check 'er out.

We have one new blog this week!

  • Chain Link and Concrete is a blog that covers a lot of different RPGS, but it also devotes a fair bit to GURPS, it's a little over a year old, and it has rule pontification and tooling like my blog, so it has my attention.

What Else Happened

The Mook is working on creating a bunch of short campaigns suitable for one-shots and intros to GURPS, and the latest posts look interesting. Mailanka is making a ton of progress fine tuning psi wars. I am amused or bemused, not sure which, by the Minion monster stats from The Lands of Nandeme, but it is a bit inspiring to think of ways to make a wholly harmless enemy a threat. The new Magnificent Samurai campaign on Southern Style GURPS looks like something I might want to follow along with.

Self Reflection

I think it was a decent week for me, I didn't have as much writer's block as usual. I think the Cost Factor posts, (here and here) are something I can be proud of, and they seem like low hanging fruit. My Dungeon Fantasy 8 Review was pretty popular this week, and that surprises me a bit, because there is not as much food for thought in that book as in Dungeon Fantasy 9. It's just a straightforward, useful book that I recommend to anyone, whereas Dungeon Fantasy 9 has some things to chew and consider before getting it. My Runaway Spider post from two months ago is still pretty high up in the list. I think that's a little interesting because I think I've learned lessons from that one, and have done better since. Maybe I need to reinvestigate it to see what it does right and make future dungeons more similar?
Nothing much big happening in the real world, working on creating a campaign planning sheet to hand to new prospective players so they can be abreast of game events when joining, and working on a formalized social contract. Social contracts are kind of a weird thing, because you kinda feel like you shouldn't have to write down certain things, but it feels like I've learned I need to write down these certain things! As I'm getting more experience GMing GURPS, I'm starting to realize what things feel like weak spots for me, and what kind of things I would consider implicit courtesy that are just assumptions. Maybe I can write a bit about that later? I'd really like to see some campaign planning notes from other GURPS campaigns and something like a lessons learned like what kinda things weren't included in the planning form originally that should have been, what things did people feel like they spent too much time thinking about, and what they didn't spend enough time on, that sorta thing.

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