Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

But why is a Belmont in
my daddy's castle?
GURPSDay, I've been waiting for you. GURPSDay rises once but every week, then the posting is over, but by posting about it, the battle will last for an eternity!

New blogs!

  • Gentleman Gamer - A friend of Mailanka. Not much content yet besides an intro, but it sounds like he hopes post about lessons learned in GMing and working with an ad-hoc style. I think I find myself close to the Ad-hoc end of the spectrum, so I get what he's talking about. Every once in awhile though, it's fun to dive deep down into world-building and crunch (ok, I do light crunches all the time here, got wicked tone, but don't get a chance to flex those muscles in game often.)
  • Let The Dice Fall Where They May - Not specifically a GURPS blog, but having a breadth of games in your repertoire means you can use any skills from one to strengthen the other. No specific notes on what content he plans to post about, but he says he looks forward to eventually GMing. Good luck, friend.

Hmm, a Switch!

What else happened this week? Conner had a strangely relevant post for newbie Dungeon Fantasy Wizard content that I appreciate. Ravens N' Pennies has a nice little extra for an article he wrote up in the Organizations issue of Pyramid. I've been looking at GURPS Calculator a bit more recently, and the author plans some nice updates for June 2nd. RPG Jutsu has an interesting handspun mechanic for a combo system. I've looked at it a bit, but not enough to have anything meaningful to say, but it is pretty easy to understand.

Why don't I press it and see?!

Almost ready for my Bad Company campaign, getting all my ducks in a row, getting players to finish their character sheets, that kinda stuff. I like having brand new players because they have bunches of questions and that means I have bunches of things to write about, and when they say, "I want to be able to do this," and I never thought about "how do I do this?" then it's like a free writing prompt without having to bang my head against a wall for ideas.
This week, my meta-post from last week is the most popular again, but my review of the GURPS Calculator software is quickly eclipsing that. Right up there is my fishman racial template, and session 0 report for Bad Company. I had a tremendous amount of traffic, but surprisingly to me, no ancient posts made it to the top this week. My blog got a lot of traffic though recently, and I can't tell what's doing that, so maybe the influx of new users are fixated on my newest content? And also, all the comments! Those are really encouraging, and I appreciate other outlooks and corrections that make my posts even more useful to myself and other people that might look at them someday, a hundred years from now, when playing GURPS 5e, and saying "oh, so that's what 4e means by Acc!"
Work is picking up again, wonder if I'll be needing to write smaller posts for a bit? Probably. But that's fine, I was getting bored at work! I had to take my dog to a vet, and that was really expensive! Oh well, that's why I save money for emergencies! At least he's doing well now.

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