Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Racial Template: Bunny-Folk

I just finished watching this.
Gave me some ideas, but worried
about running a campaign in this
I am not sure if this was a tongue in cheek request by one of my new players or not, but I said just write out anything for a background assuming typical fantasy races and whatever my setting background prompt and requirements specified. He said he wants either a "ninja samurai rabbit or wizard eagle-man." Those classes all exist in Dungeon Fantasy, but the races don't. However, they come pretty close to races that already exist, so I decided to template them for giggles. I mean, after all, they are not uncommon tropes, right?


To build this template, I am inspired by the Cat-Folk template in Dungeon Fantasy 3. Basically, I took the Cat-Folk template, and got some ideas from the Rabbit ally in Dungeon Fantasy 5 and kinda harmoniously, I was able to create a unique, but similar template that came out to the exact price.


40 points
Attribute Modifiers:  DX+1[20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:  Per +1[5].
Advantages:  Claws (Sharp) [5]; Danger Sense [15]; Fur [1]; Subsonic Hearing [5]; Super Jump 1[10]; Teeth (Sharp) [1]
Disadvantages:  Lecherousness(15) [-7]; Night Blindness[-10]; Phobia (Loud Noises) (15) [-5].
Features: Long Ears, Tail, only cosmetic, but the long ears justify purchasing hearing style power-ups.

Racial Power-ups

Anything on the Rabbit template for the Rabbit familiar in Dungeon Fantasy 5 (p. 24) makes sense, including the Granted By Familiar advantages. From Dungeon Fantasy 11, a lot of the Cat-Folk power-ups (p. 38) make sense, except maybe bullet 2 and 3.

Other Thoughts

I could write some background, but bunny-folk are pretty malleable depending on the setting. I am going to be pairing this with another post on a birdman template. There is no particularly good match, but I could borrow some ideas from here, the Winged Elf in Dungeon Fantasy 3, and the Tengu in Alternate Dungeons 2. They seem more like the Red-Face-long-nose type than the Karasutengu birdmen that I want though. Still might have some ideas.


  1. ...your player may be thinking in terms of Usagi Yojimbo.

    Or not, he's certainly no ninja.

    1. I was thinking it might have been a reference of such. ;3

  2. You might want to read (or listen to, it was PodCastle 220) Saladin Ahmed's "Zok Iron-Eyes and the Watered Down World". I think I remember reading a sequel too, but I can't find it now. The character Hai Hai is a badass rabbit-woman fantasy warrior.


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