Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Did you just say GURPS?

The Blogoblong at Large

Let's see what was interesting to me this week. Northport has a cool update on the adventure he's working on. The screenshot of the layout looks nice at a glance, but maybe a bit sparse as well? I gotta take a closer look. Ravens N'Pennies has a walkthrough of statting out an auto-grapnel, reminds me of mine a bit, but it is definitely different. In some ways better, some ways not, but I think overall it sounds like a better approach. Don't Forget Your Boots has some zombie spells for Ritual Path Magic, one of my favorite systems (though I never make spells for it on my blog. Hmmm...) I think this post on remembering the scope of Dungeon Fantasy on Dungeon Fantastic is interesting food for thought. I like it, even though I don't think I'll ever be a Dungeon Fantasy author. Oh, I also got referenced there too. Kinda starstruck over that. Totally different opinion than mine, and I even agree with some of the refutations, but it's a pretty wide open subjective topic, so seeing other opinions is fun because I don't have to deal with my weird competitive edge and think "am I right or wrong about this?" There is no right and wrong!

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Last week traffic sagged hardcore, this week it skyrocketed. Cool! Hope you guys aren't doing pity refreshes on my page. My review of Low-Tech had the most traffic, which is not a surprise. People who visit my blog like looking at my reviews. My Editorial on player facing/meta-challenges and why we can have things happen that don't necessarily fit inside a real GURPS mechanic and still have fun was also pretty popular, which is a surprise. To me it felt like a bit of a meandering mess, but people say that you are your own worst critic, so maybe it was interesting and it's just too real for me? Or maybe it is because it was linked on a real popular blog? Oh, and my post on how not to die comparing the relative benefit of investing in HP versus HT is still really popular even though it is two months old.
Milestone: I now have more comments on my blog than I do posts, which to me feels like a big success. I try to think of something to say in reply to almost all the comments I receive, so to me that means the real milestone will be reaching a 2:1 comment:post ratio.
I tried waiting until the pyramid came out today... I feel like a pyramid is coming out today, before posting. But the day is almost over, and I'm afraid if I click post, that's when it'll be released. Maybe they were waiting for me? Oh, also, would people be interested in reading reviews of pyramid issues? I've started buying a lot more, so I have a few, and I do have some opinions about them... on the other hand, some have material that speaks to interests I don't have and I can't be sure if I can correctly review a whole issue if article m of n is about a book I don't own. Maybe I'll try it?
Oh, and I had a game for the first time in weeks, need to get the summary up. It was a fun game. I used some really weak enemies, but I also tried not to pull punches in combat this time which lead to some dicey situations for the party when combined with some pretty bad dice rolls.

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  1. I am still playing with that template, trying to get in what is necessary to play both games... you should see the worksheet for building a suit of platemail from instant armor.


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